Should Secret Service director Julia Pierson have resigned after the White House security breach?

  • They Say She's No Good

    From what I've read people have been talking pretty bad about Julia Pierson and it sounds like she was pretty useless. Like she was out of her element and couldn't handle the job. My only question is how did she get there if she didn't belong there. As for the new director I can't believe someone was hired out of Comcast. I have no faith left in our government.

  • Yes, I do agree with Mrs. Parsons steping down.

    I normally wouldn't agree with such a dramatic move from the director, but with these particular circumstances I think she made the best move for not only herself, but for the reputation of the Secret Service. Letting a 42 year old man scale a fence, get into the front doors, and make it all the way to the east room of the White House has a plethora of consequences, especially if she stays in her current position. For starters, it gives the impression that getting to the president is much easier then it should. This alone is enough reason for her to step down.

  • It isn't completely her fault.

    Even though Julia Pierson is the Secret Service director and basically in charge of the operation, the fact that there was a security breath and an attempt to break into the White House did occur, it wasn't entirely her fault. If a prisoner were to escape, should the Warden resign?

  • Why is it always someone's head?

    No, Secret Service director Julia Pierson should not have resigned after the White House security breach, because just because breaches happen does not mean that it is necessarily someone's fault. In addition, replacing just her is not likely to solve the problem. It is probably some underlings that need to be replaced instead.

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