Should Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Be Blamed for the Attacks in Benghazi?

  • Secretary of State

    If this is your job- you are responsible if you screw up while on the job.

    The worse part is she's lied about the whole thing, and has been caught lying ever since. If honesty and integrity to our fellowman is important in any sense, she's a poor choice for a potential commander in chief.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton should be blamed for Benghazi.

    I definitely think that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be blamed for the attacks in Benghazi. I do not think it was just her fault though. There were a lot of people in the administration that deserves just as much as blame as the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  • Enough is enough

    She been investigated over and over again Benghazi, her e-mails her Foundation, and every time they come up with nothing. Since 1990 the Clintons have been investigated for just about anything. Just once was Bill guilty he lie about an affair. To believe that the FBI CIA IRS and The many working at the Pentagon have been bought off by the Clintons is nonsense.

  • There is already precedent for this, which was set by the GOP.

    The Bush administration had plenty of warning that a terrorist attack was imminent on US soil. The CIA had warned him as early as May 1, 2001. The President's Daily Brief prepared by the CIA and given to Bush on August 6, 2001 was titled "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US". Reports included the possibility that Al Qaeda would try to hijack planes. Nothing was done. More than 3000 people died. So for all the Republicans mad about Benghazi, too bad. Even if she's guilty, too bad. You've set a dangerous precedent that our government officials can just wash their hands of carelessness. You were warned. Now you want to throw a tantrum over four people dying in Benghazi and you've lost any moral authority you thought you had.

  • Enough is enough

    They are not helping determine anthing. You can not hold one person accountable. We have to learn what went wrong and how to prevent. Which I think they have done with the other investigations. Stop wasting tax payer $. Many of our embassies are not adequately staffed, 10 23 1983 how many marines died.

  • Hillary didn't do it.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should not be blamed for the attacks in Benghazi. This is because although Mrs. Clinton lapsed in her duties, she did not kill the victims themselves. I think she should have been punished somehow, perhaps with a fine, or something similar, but the hype about her guilt seems overblown.

  • No she shouldn't

    No she shouldn't be she should not be blamed. There really was no prior knowledge of the attacks that were going to happen. We weren't there we don't know what really happened and she did the best that she could with as little information as possible. She had no real intelligence information on this attack.

  • So much more

    The entire incident in Libya is so complicated and so under cover at this point that there is almost no way that we could possibly understand what truly happened, and we may not learn the truth for decades - at least until somebody speaks or documents are really released to the public.

  • No, I don't think Hillary Clinton should be blamed for the attacks in Benghazi.

    I don't fault Hillary Clinton for being responsible for the attacks happening, I really doubt she would have ignored any credible intelligence saying that an attack was planned in Benghazi without taking action to protect the people, I think we can blame her for her initial reaction after the attack which was to misinformed statements to the public on what actually happened.

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