Should secular environments (such as the government and media) celebrate Christmas?

  • Don't Skip The Holidays

    I think as Americans people should be able to celebrate in public what they choose. I think secular environments should be able to tolerate Christmas cheer during the Christians time of celebration, just like we should be able to mention and celebrate other religious holidays. We should not be kicking Christmas out, but allowing the other celebrations in.

  • Yes, Secular Environments Should Celebrate Christmas

    The pilgrims came to this country in search of religious freedom, but in reality, the only religion that is universally accepted in this country is Christianity. Our money has "In God We Trust" on it, and one would be naive to not know that it is meant to be a "Christian" God. It wasn't that long ago that we were actually praying in schools. It would be somewhat hypocritical if secular environments did not celebrate Christmas because we all know that Christianity is the dominant religion here in the U.S.

  • Yes, if they wish to celebrate.

    I see no reason the media and government shouldn't celebrate Christmas. Both are made up of people, and those people may wish to celebrate any number of holidays that have personal meaning for them. They should not be barred from doing so because of their jobs. They should still be permitted personal freedoms.

  • Yes Secular Environments Should Celebrate Christmas

    I have no problem with the government and media celebrating Christmas as long as they recognize other holidays. Politicians and those who work in the media should not have to hide or not celebrate things due to their position. That is just wrong. As long as they do not talk down on other holidays there is no problem.

  • Yes, Christmas is fun

    I don't think there's anything wrong with secular environments celebrating Christmas. Yes, it is a religious holiday, but it has secular elements that anyone can enjoy, like gift-giving and spending time with family. I don't go to church on Christmas, but I enjoy the holiday because of the happy feelings I feel.

  • No public money

    Government officials can celebrate christmas, or any other religious festival they chose to, but not at tax payer's expense. The tax payer's money should not be used to publicise or celebrate anyone religious festival, in a country, declared secular, in its constitution. Religion is a private affair and has no role in public affairs of a secular government.

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