Should security cameras be allowed in classrooms?

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  • Yes to cameras

    We need cameras so bad things do not happen in school would you like to be stolen from no would you like your locker to be vandalized no would you like to be bullied no there are many more reasons why we need cameras but these are just a few

  • So you can be safe

    If there is to kids fighting and a principal asks who started it
    and the one who started it sais it was him and the other person sais
    no they can see the security camera and check it this is why
    we should have security cameras from victoria preza yay

  • YES, because it will help in caes of accidents or emergencies

    Cameras will allow them teachers to keep a safe watch over the class, like if there is a fire or something, teachers don't have to risk going into each classroom just to check if anyone is there or not. So I Think THERE SHOULD BE CAMERAS AT CLASS YO YO!!!!!

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  • Yes because it will help!!!!!!

    With cases that happen in the school anything that happens in the school like fights or other crimes u r able to find out who did it or how it happened although it might feel weird or guilty ur still safe. That's is why we should have cameras in classrooms.

  • Yesssss! We need cameras

    They are cheap and kids can have bad behavior plus kids can lie about being at school when not we already have them on the buses why not in the classrooms along with the hallway to be able to see kids that are about to fight we need cameras in class rooms we need

  • We need cameras in class

    There have been many times when students sneak their phones out of their bags and play video games during class and hide them when the teacher walks around the room. Also students these days like getting into fights. Cameras would stop fighting and bullying. Abuse is another problem cameras can solve, some teachers possibly even students abuse others. Cameras can show what happened, who did it, and how. I say cameras should be in classrooms

  • Bc we need that money for other things

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  • What are we hiding?

    What are students and teachers hiding that can't be seen in a school setting? It provides evidence to determine whether or not teachers and students are acting in an appropriate way. There is no reason people should be against it, honestly, unless they're doing something wrong. It provides more safety for both teachers and students.

  • First of all,

    First of all, Who would want to be recorded in the bathroom? The UK already have 200 schools that have bathroom cameras. Also, You have have to send out privacy regulations out to all the children. Why would you spend that much money on cameras anyways? Also, How would these prevent fight and school shootings if it's 40 seconds behind.

  • Bad influence/ no help

    Cctv cameras would not be of any actual help, because if there is a will, there is a way. Those who want to bully or deal with drugs will find a way around it. Furthermore there will be a great deal of discomfort: The students will not be able to learn freely and the teachers to work freely. The psycological pressure is to big. Result: Nobody can show their full potential

  • Classroom Cameras are not a good idea

    These cameras cost lots of money, plus teachers should be able to watch their own kids, if a kid does something so bad in the middle of class, a teacher should be able to catch them doing it. The cameras can also be distracting to students, because of the noise the make when turning, I do not believe these are a necessary expense to schools.

  • It's just weird!

    First of all, Who would want to be recorded in the bathroom? The UK already have 200 schools that have bathroom cameras.Also, You have have to send out privacy regulations out to all the children. Why would you spend that much money on cameras anyways? Also, How would these prevent fight and school shootings if it's 40 seconds behind.

  • Its creepy creeeepppyyyy!!!!!

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  • Why do we need cameras?

    There should be a law or something stating that cameras cannot be used in school the only OK cameras that SHOULD be used are our eyes why cant teachers and principal put up cameras in class rooms hallways and BUSES!!! Kids should get more respect from principles and teachers and other places where people put cameras up at

  • Not fair for kids

    Of we had people spying on us all the time then our work would't be as good and more students would get in trouble. This shouldn't be allowed because it's wrong and should not be allowed for schools. As a student, I would hope that the school board had more trust in us.

  • Cameras are not right

    The idea of camera surveillance in classrooms is an absolutely wrong, it has got nothing to do with pedagogy, but with the penitentiary space, with prisons, terror, punishment, discomfort, etc. It induces a constant feeling of guilt, to students, as well as to teachers. If you are a real professional, as a teacher,or even if you are just a normal person, claiming a right to normality, especially in schools, you realize that camera surveillance in class is something coming from paranoid people who cannot lead the activity through normal behavior. I could never teach and dedicate myself to the teaching and learning process with a camera spy on me. School and pedagogy are not "tv broadcast", show, machine, or a space for others to constantly spy on people`s moves, reactions, etc. Pedagogy means emotional comfort, and it is about trying to understand each other and to grow together. Under such prison like conception and conditions, it is impossible to work. Teacher training and school inspections could never be realized through this sick intrusion. On the other hand, students in any environment cannot be treated as convicts.

  • No there should not be.

    No there should not be security cameras in class rooms. First, you need privacy. Then kids get nervous and freak out. Next, the kids will get distracted. They also are very expensive and made with breakable glass. It is also hard to find where to buy them. That is why there should not be cameras in the classrooms.

  • Why waste money?

    Use it for something that actually will help the school develop and become better. If students want to be mischievous, they will put a tape on the camera and then what? No evidence. Fights are going to happen anyways and when knowing they are under surveillance will not stop them.

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