• Against our laws

    Yes, I do think that sedition should continue to be a crime. There is a reason that it is a crime now, and that is because our government decided that it is a bad thing to commit, and that it should not be done by the public to ensure our safety.

  • We need peace.

    Yes, sedition should continue to be a crime, because stability needs to exist. The country cannot have its own citizens declaring war against itself. To act in a seditious way is to be a domestic terrorist. People need to find peaceful ways to express their displeasure with government in a democratic society.

  • Sedition is a crime because of the people

    In and of itself, there is a place for sedition, but according to large surveys, the United States is not tyrannical, and the government doesn't need to be overturned. You are welcome to your own opinion about this, but the Uber Libertarians seem to have it wrong when they think the US is tyrannical.

  • No, Sedition should not be a crime in the United States or in any free society.

    Sedition, or to be more accurate dissent should never be a crime in a free society because any free society or country should be built upon the idea of the consent of the governed. Sedition is a crime labeled by a government that is authoritarian and that is afraid of it's own people.

  • Limits Free Speech

    Sedition is defined as conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. When sedition is labeled as a crime, free speech is being limited. I do not believe sedition should be a crime, especially within the United States because you can't organize and fight if you can't incite people to rebel.

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