• Up to no good

    Everytime i see a darkie I just can't help but think they are up to no good. These beats wearing charger driving porch monkeys should stick to they're own FOR EVERYONES SAKE. Also this isnt racist because I'm 50 percent indian so i can say these things because racism does no systematicly benefit me.

  • f**k These Homiesexuals

    We hate the mixing of races down here in texas, Jesus was white so that's all we need yeehaw cowboy come cook some beans on the campfire lil Johnny. Come on buckaroo lets go whip the slaves. They don't need proper education they should learn how to be slaves and give their women over to us superior life forms. Yeehaw Texas Jackson out my Honkys

  • People Fought Against This

    It has been such a long battle for people who have been discriminated against for a lot of American history, And once they win it, People turn around and start fighting against them again, If it ever even stopped. People have died to stop this, And if America is so free, Then why are we even considering segregating people again? I really hope this post is a joke, But if it's not, You'll probably be hearing more from me.

  • Of course not

    Obviously, This is a joke question. No one (or at least I hope no one) in this day and age seriously believes segregation should be brought back. It would probably be funnier if I voted yes for the joke, But I still think it's important to oppose racism (even in jest) to amplify the cultural movement happening now.

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