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  • We need to bring it back.

    Integration leads to lower moral standards, Race mixing, More crime ridden neighborhoods, And lower property value. Segregation eliminates all these problems, But a far better solution is to send all the coloreds back to their motherlands and make America white again. We can build a large wall that blocks them out of our country.

  • As a mexican

    We should bring Segregation back, It has all ready been tested in colleges, And the students loved it. Integration has increased degeneracy in our modern society. It's will fix the race mixing and lower the crime rate. Tho it's will be better if we throw blacks people in the ocean.

  • Should Segregation Be Reenacted?

    With our country having a race war between minorities (blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, Muslim, Etc)
    do you think that we should segregate each other as in 1950s or no? And if no how can we fix the tensions between each other. If yes, Why?

    I think no because I believe the tension will disappear within several years.

  • Segregation is Horrible

    First of all, Race isn't very important:

    1. The line between different races is completely arbitrary
    2. The genetic difference between races is smaller than that of the genetic difference between subspecies

    So I don't see why we need segregation just because some people have more melanin in their skin.

    And if there is segregation, I'm almost positive minorities would face unequal treatment. They're generally poorer and struggle with larger socioeconomic problems. In a world where minorities have their own separate system, Their system will likely to be poorly funded and lackluster. Even right now, Black communities are under-funded when it comes to schools and other programs. How would segregation solve that?

    Also, For those of you who are saying there's a "race war", There isn't one. If you're talking about BLM, Many non-black people support the movement to end police brutality. If you're talking about immigration, Immigrants aren't harming white people. They're actually contributing to the economy since they provide labor to the American market.

    So in conclusion, Don't segregate society. It's nowhere near necessary.

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howboutthemapples says2021-08-03T02:41:27.707
The democrats seem to think so.

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