• There is no reason for selective service, especially with men.

    Selective service is slavery.

    1. America is one of the few "free" countries that has Selective Services. Australia doesn't have it. Britain doesn't have it. Even our neighbor Canada doesn't have it.

    2. Selecting all males reflects on the stereotype that all males are heartless war-freaks. They aren't. Pacifists exist. Look at the Vietnam War. Some of the slaves, I mean heroes, of the war experienced Post-traumatic Shock Syndrome, AKA Vietnam syndrome. They were forced into a cold, violent war, all because of one little chromosome.

    3. There will be war-freaks anyway. Look at all the Call of Duty players. These people are the people who, if encouraged, will join the army anyway.

    But by assuming all guys are somehow hardwired for war, it is a slap on the face to those who aren't. Don't call them wusses. Call them pacifists.

    I am only a few years off from being 18, and I hate war. War is gross. I understand that the veterans save us, but wouldn't the world be better off without war? War, what is it good for? Why not (i.E.) just a simple game of Rock Paper Scissors to settle government disputes? Humanity must get past war. Only then can we truly become humans and not be animals.

  • We shouldn't be fighting a war that the people don't like.

    If the United States of America gets itself into a conflict that so few people want to fight in, then we, as a country, shouldn't be fighting the conflict in the first place! To add to this point, being a women is still a perfectly legit excuse to get out of the draft. Even though you can register online nowadays, women still aren't allowed to be in the draft, even though they are allowed in the military if they so choose.

  • It's immoral and forceful.

    Just because I was born in America that does not mean I agree with all of its politics. Yes, I do believe that no matter your political standpoint you should support the country you live in. This does not mean that one should be asked (forcefully and legally pushed might I add) to DIE for said country. Did I ask for you to go to war? No. Therefore I will not risk my life for a war I find immoral and unnecessary. Also most wars now are for others problems and not a matter of national security.

  • It's absolutely pointless

    Why should anyone have to register? Wouldn't we be nucainces and just get in the way of the people who volunteered? I'm a pacifist. There is nothing good about war. I love my country, but I will not participate in a heinous crime against other people because out government has "international police power."

  • There are such things called world war's.

    If their is a war, be it a country invades ours with a sizable force, I think you have the duty to try to protect it, no matter what political view you have. But, like the constitution says, it should only be used when the nation is at risk. Also, the lottery system is the most fair, and without the rules where some people can be excluded from it because of social ranking

  • It's a 50/50 but overall no

    Men shouldn't be required much less women but the government is the government and that wont change a damn thing no matter how much the American sons and daughters try.

    Now that women are required to sign up I'm curious about how that'll work when a woman is a mother and has no where for her child to go? Imagine loosing your father and then your mother. There are so many cons and pros to Selective Service but I believe the cons way out the pros.

    If there is a need for a draft then I have no doubt men and women will VOLUNTEER rather then be forced. I don't know in the end. I'm rambling.

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