Should Self Control be taught in Sex Ed classes?

Asked by: Tminusfour20
  • Teaching control yields better results than "expecting" it

    You could expect children to know better and abstain from sex, or exercise self-control, but the truth is children are usually too young for that. They function highly on impulses and are less likely to exercise self-control on their own, compared to when they are taught to control themselves by their sex-ed teacher.

  • Most Parents are not good teachers when it comes to sex.

    Most parents feel uncomfortable talking to their children about sex and children most of the times feel the same way about their parents. Sex Ed should to my opinion be taught in both scenarios, school and home, because home acts as a reinforcement of what they are being taught in school. But what school has and parents don´t is the discipline of teaching, in Sex Ed kids learn about the biologic side of sex and it´s purpose, but most of the times leave important topics behind like sexual orientation, sex as pleasure, and so forth, so this is why i believe that Self Control should be taught in Sex Ed as a means of preventing the education of feature rapists or so. Kids should also learn about all matters related to sex like the ones i have just commented.

  • Society Needs This

    I think we should reinforce acceptable social practices. Teach from an early age not to objectify women, avoid sexually harassing people and take control of your hormones. In the long run this benefits everyone and creates a world where sex and everything tied to it becomes more comfortable and less conservative.

  • I don't think it shouldn't...

    I'm going to make the obvious statement that self control should be taught by parents, because that's the best way to learn it. Kids learn by watching their parents, so if a parent demonstrates self control then a child will learn. I don't see any benefit in leaving it up to sex ed.

  • Im a virgin

    Look ive been in highschool 4 years now and I still aint get none . For two reasons I have a shrimp and I have self control these thots want a dude that's wild so give em what they want. So don't teach self control teach em how to get it raw and wild

  • Sex ed is a different topic

    Self control should be taught by your own personal experience such as your parents. Sex ed needs to be taught because its a natural thing for everyone. Sex ed should be completely seperate from self control. I believe self control should be in a psychology unit but it should be naturally learned how you are raised.

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