• Important for kids future

    No one knows what could happen so to be sure your kids are safe we must clearly teach self defence.A stranger could approach you and the next thing you know is you are kidnapped.Just because such problems are rare it doesn't mean it won't happen to your child.Most people can't afford self defence classes which may be way above our budget.It would by easy if they were taught at school not only for us but the communities betterment.We can't afford to lose time.The clock is ticking and more and more cases are happening. It is in your hands,WILL THIS STOP!!!!!!!!!

  • Those encounters are rare.

    That's not my only argument, hold on.

    The schools would have to pay lots of money to support this, like paying for a professional to teach them, and that costs loads. Also, it would have to take time out of the school day to teach this. I don't see why we would need to be taught self defense.

  • I am too lazy

    I don't like to do things that require movement. And I don't like pain. It makes me sad and cry. I don't like to cry. I like to eat food. I guess I could eat food after I get hurt. Then I might feel better. Food. I still need 1 word to type in order to submit. Food

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