Should Self Defense become one of the many subjects of school? The world ks necoming more dangerous, and we have to adapt.

Asked by: Phantom_Hood
  • Even though the question is biased, I say yes

    That second sentence of the question presents a bias.

    Even so though, kids and teens do need to know how to defend themselves. It'll definitely cut back on the amount of kidnapping and rapes.

    Violence isn't something I condone, but there are times where it's the only possible choice to escape the situation

  • What a fantastic idea!

    Self defense is very important in life, and it should be included in the school's mandatory sudjects, maybe even in place of PE, if the form of self defense was a tough enough workout. In my opinion, self defense is a tough enough workout, when I took a class, I was exhausted afterward.

    Schools need to be changed in this altering world.

  • Yes. Self defence should be allowed at school

    The current education system teaches students that standing up for yourself (self defence) is wrong and that students should just do nothing and get pushed around. Schools need to accept that self defence and fighting for power is natural and they should teach students how to fight so that they can defend themselves

  • Yes, there should be.

    In the future, there should be self defense classes- but not as a daily, serious subject. Maybe as a part of Gym. Maybe start a little closely monitored self defense type training in middle school so the kids aren't encouraged to do it in school outside of gym, like in the classroom environment, for the wrong reasons. Then in high school (since kids are more mature), broaden the training a bit.
    I understand that the world is a dangerous place but fist fights aren't usually the way to solve problems. However, it is good to have some skill in handy if for some reason you do get in trouble.

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MasturDbtor says2015-10-12T18:26:11.277
Not saying yes or no, but the world is NOT becoming a more dangerous place, at least not in the US.