Should Self Defense classes be a requirement in school courses?

Asked by: Innovate23
  • Students should be able to defend themselves in case of an abusive person

    If your child where to be attacked by a bully, what would you do? You probably wouldn't sit back and do nothing or let it happen. You would try to respond as quickly as you could to the situation, but by the time you've heard about the incident it would be to late and your child would have come home with welts and bruises from that incident. If self defense is thought your child would have the ability to defend themselves. They would also be thought discipline and respect. They will be thought that any form of martial arts is a last resort, that violence is a last resort. The reason that i know these facts about marital arts is because I have mastered multiple arts such as: Tiquando, Mixed marcial arts, and jujitsu.

  • Teaches students violence is ok.

    Teaching self defence classes in schools should not be mandatory because parents might not be able to afford it. Some parents already struggle to pay for school fees let alone cant afford excursions. It also teaches young kids that violence is ok. Imagine if young kids took them in school they would turn those skills against the true intentions.

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