• This Requires an Explanation

    Most teens self harm because of school pressure. If they are under pressure at school, they likely want to do well. People who want to do well probably won't want to break the law.

    Honestly, I am a goody goody. I would never do something illegal. Most teens share a similar thought process. To have something like that over my head, I would have never started in the first place. This is definitely a tricky matter. But I honestly believe that less people would self harm if this was illegal. Most self harmers are teens or in their twenties and to teens especially, the law is still very ominous (weird word for this but you know what I mean). Most teens won't want to do something illegal like this.

  • Self-harm should not be illegal!

    Just because you make self-harn illegal doesn't mean people will just stop. It's not that easy. Murder, Theft, Drinking and driving, They're all illegal yet people do these things every day. If self-harm was illegal, It would be like saying, "You're not allowed to have an outlet for your pain. Keep it all in, You'll be fine. " I rest my case

  • Are you kidding me?

    I actually self harmed earlier this morning. I have diagnosed depression, Anxiety, And OCD, And my parents have refused treatment. This is the only outlet or “therapy” I have; and throwing me in jail because my parents won’t allow me conventional therapy/medication is not the answer. Maybe talk to parents about the prevelence/dangers of mental health issues instead of throwing suffering minors behind bars.

  • "Congrats, you survived suicide. Now you're going to jail."

    Why make their lives harder by punishing them? It's illegal where I live, but people still do it. Self-harm being illegal discourages people from getting professional help for fear of being punished for self-harm. If self-harm is caught, there should be mandatory therapy. Unless the self-harm is inflicted during a party trick... Natural selection, I guess.

  • No, It shouldn’t be illegal

    Yes lots of people might say it should be but honestly people will still do it. There’s a law against wearing seatbelts but people disobey anyways. And so some self harm is a calming method (though it’s not the best one). People who do self harm should talk to somebody who can help them stop (or at least see the negatives of) self harm. But not everybody tells people. And if they don’t tell people the law won’t find out they’re self harming, therefore they could self harm and still won’t have anyone know with the law as the can without.

    What I’m saying is, making self harm illegal won’t stop people from hiding and doing self harm.

  • Yes of course.

    Well although addictive. It's unlike drugs that it's free to use. It provides free dopamine and endorphins. Isn't that good enough? Some Christians said we shouldn't manipulate our body like this. But if god really care about this. Why does he give us power in the first place? God is unreasonable. I'm an atheist.

  • No way in Hell!

    Not only would it make those afflicted feel even more horrible about themselves for doing it, but it would also give them another incentive to hide it. Plus, people cannot get help while in jail and it would only screw them up more. Also, I was a goody goody too. And let me tell you...I honestly don't know for sure that I would stay away from it, even if it was illegal. End of story.

  • Self harm shouldn't be illegal

    Self harm is mainly an effect of what the person is feeling on the inside. We can't throw them in jail because of what they feel and what they go through. Instead of throwing them in jail, causing them to want to self harm more, we should help them and get them assistance. Get them a therapist. And if they don't want to talk to a therapist, get them to talk to their friends or a parent.

  • No, I do not think so.

    I do not think self harm should be illegal. It would not accomplish anything other than making those who are already going through a difficult time and struggling feel worse and have to now be penalized for it. It would be counterproductive and not even make any sense for the situation.

  • Self-Harm Should Not Be Illegal

    Self-harm should not be illegal. In most cases, when someone is self-harming, s/he has mental health issues. Taking that person and throwing them in jail for their behavior without any compassion or treatment will not do anyone any good. Instead, people who are self-harming should be required to get mental health assistance.

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