Should Selling Sexual Acts Be Decriminalized but Buying Criminalized Such as in Sweden?

  • Sure That Makes Sense

    I think if you look at the situation, as it is, in America, we have people who chose to sell sexual acts for a profit and it works for them. That is, until they get caught. Then the person who used their body, at their own free will, is now being penalized for doing so. Generally, the person paying, gets off free, that is unless they are slandered in the media. So, I suppose, if you wanted to decrease prostitution without slapping both parties with records, then it would make just as much sense to punish the purchaser.

  • Yes it should be decriminalized.

    Selling sexual acts should be decriminalized but buying them should be criminalized just like in Sweden. It is the persons right to do what they want with their body, so if they want to sell it they should not be punished. Buying them though should be punishable because it will help deter the sale of sexual acts.

  • Buying Sexual Acts Should Be Criminalized

    Selling sexual acts should be decriminalized but buying them should be criminalized like in Sweden. Many young people are forced into human trafficking and prostitution against their will with no way out. This would not continue to happen if buyers of sexual acts got in trouble with the law. Additionally, by decriminalizing the people who are selling the acts, it would lessen the need for pimps and human trafficking, and help people get out of that line of work more easily if they wanted to.

  • De Regulate the sex industry

    Prostitution should be more legal. The reason for this is the same as the drug industry in the United States. Just like the drug war failed, the war on prostitution failed. If prostitution were legal, then there would be better health, more condoms used, and better all around happiness for people.

  • They should both be criminalized.

    If two consenting adults create a sexual contract in exchange for money, that why should any of it be banned. It should be legal as long as it is properly regulated and that you can tax it. We should stop trying to ban everything and find ways to let people do what they want within reason.

  • I think it should all be decriminalized.

    I think that decriminalizing prostitution would make a lot of sense. I also believe that it should be regulated. I think that it needs to become safer for everyone involved. There should be regulations for protection to protect everyone from STD's but also from people who would be violent with sex workers. If there is regulation in place, I feel that decriminalization for both parties is the best solution.

  • Selling and buying sexual acts should be completely decriminalized

    Selling and buying sexual acts should be completely decriminalized. This is because of the fact that sexual acts should be a commodity that should be able to be bought and sold under regulation. There is no reason why sexual acts shouldn't be bought and sold if they are regulated for safety.

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