• Would you want the person next to you on the street with a Ak47 strapped to their back?

    They are weapons of war and not personal protection.
    No need to use such powerful weapons.
    They are destructive and if not practiced enough could end in disaster.
    You hear stories of teens killing themselves and their parents. Would you really want teens and other people walking around with war-weapons all day?

  • Yes of course

    Of course they should be banned there have been such bad things caused by this type of weapon. The shooting at that school was caused with this type of weapon. I don't even know why they sell these a pistol is okay for protection but seriously. They should get rid of these type of weapons.

  • Yes, yes, definitely yes.

    I hear people saying the government is taking over, it is our right to own guns and government is taking it away. Well, actually it is not about that at all but about harm reduction. What is harm reduction? One simple explanation is, the minimization of collateral damage.
    Now had the guy had a shotgun or a pistol would as many children have died? No. The death toll would have been far less than what it is. They would have had time to react and as many lives would not have been lost hence harm would have been reduced.

  • Semi-Automatics are for military use, what use would a normal person have other than mass murder?

    Semi-Automatic guns are powerful military intended weapons, too powerful in fact for the general populace. These guns have no use other than mass-murder and despite positive numbers regarding changes to the use of guns in American Society, they are still far too dangerous not to be banned, and perhaps numbers would be even more positive if these types of weapons are actually banned.

  • No human needs to shoot over 100 bullets per minute.

    If you are using a gun for recreation, there is no reason that you need that many bullets to be shot. These military-type weapons are not needed to use for recreation. If you really want to shoot something, for example: a deer, you don't need to shoot 100 bullets to kill it. The guns are unnecessary.

  • Ban semi automatic guns!

    Semiauto matic guns were designed of military/police forces to use. People are taking advantage of the second ammendment. Semi automatic guns could also spray a crowd with bullets and hurt many innocent people.They also have military use add-ons such as grenade launchers. These type of weapons have gone way too far. When you see a guy with a AK47 you wouldnt think they were terroists.

  • One bullet, one shot, one kill

    A bullet properly placed would kill an opposing threat. Moreover, one shot hitting any person would be enough deterrent to get out of immediate danger. Then let the law take care of the rest. Automatic's and Semi Automatic's should be controlled by military and law enforcement authority, Not the vigilante. This is not a question of upholding the second amendment.

  • These weapons should be banned because they cause harm to other human beings.

    Some people say that guns help people if someone breaks into their house, or if someone is in trouble. While I agree with this I do not think a semi automatic weapon is needed for this kind of protection. I think that semi automatic weapons should be banned because of the effect they have on the people of the our nation.

  • Absolutely yes!

    In our country there unfortunately exists a definitive culture of guns - gun collecting, hunting, target shooting - and it is very difficult for these enthusiasts to relinquish what makes them feel powerful and safe. Making some guns illegal would definitely save lives, much to the opposition's dismay and disregard for the facts. Guns are not inherently evil, but sure do make evil people much more able to commit mass atrocities they wouldn't be able to without them. yes, there would still exist a black market for these weapons, but the average person would not be able to get them easily. Also, if they are illegal, the government could stop them from being manufactured in this country and imported. It would also send a message to pro-gun groups that the climate in this country is changing for the better.

  • There is no reason for a person to have a semi-automatic weapon.

    Having any type of gun, regardless of its size, can adequately protect a person. They do not need a gun that shoots fifty rounds in in a matter of seconds. No one needs to have a huge gun in their house. It is simply too dangerous. Our society should realize that precision is key, not the size of the weapon.

  • There would be more car accidents with deer.

    Semi-automatics should not be banned, because hunters use them for hunting game, food, or for fun. Some use them for self-protection. Also, it would affect states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and other states that are populated with deer. If they would ban guns, then the deer population would be over rated. There would be more car accidents with deer, less food for people, and no outdoor channels. Most people in rural states hunt for their food.

  • No

    More people are killed by hammers than by semi-automatic weapons. It's the ignorance of the non-gun owning population that thinks these weapons should be banned. The scary thing is is that it won't just stop at a semi-auto ban. Liberal proposals will continue to eat away at our freedoms and people won't realize it until even the most basic freedoms are taken away. An armed population means a free country period. Lastly, what will a gun ban accomplish? Do you really think that it will somehow reduce crime? No. It'll only take rights away from those who follow the laws.

  • No

    The problem is that too many people believe that semi-automatic is automatic. This ban would outlaw most modern guns period, hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols. They do not spray bullets, and most of the non-gun owning Americans are confused about this. They need to be educated to make an appropriate decision.

  • Positively NO!

    "The climate in this country is changing for the better"! Only a liberal would believe that. Take a look at the numbers above, 80-20 against. Gun ownership is a constitutional right. I know liberals like Obama think that the Constitution is only a suggestion for our country. You really want to know why Obama is taking up this battle? He is steering the people away from all his failures. The economy, fast and furious (selling guns to drug cartels in Mexico!), the murder of four Americans in Libya by terrorists on 9/11 (protestors of a video, right!), and more. All are put out of the public eye by all the tabloid (I mean main stream; CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC) media. Plus those liberal biased print media. The facts are this: Guns save lives! Obama spouts lies!

  • My personal opinion-

    What is the point? I don't believe all semi-automatic weapons should be banned. MOST people exercise their rights lawfully and have safe backgrounds to do so. All it will create is chaos in the public. Does America want to end up like Greece? I don't think so. Does anyone remember when Hitler came to power? The first thing he did was ban all guns.

  • It only hurts the victim.

    Cocaine is outlawed but the "bad guys" still get it. If you take away the guns, the bad people will still get them; but the law abiding citizen will not be able to defend themselves, giving the bad people an advantage. With a shotgun, you still have spread and ricochet; semi-automatic weapons are not worse. In gun defense, gun control only hurts the victim...

  • They shouldn't ban semi-automatic weapons.

    The reason why they should not ban semi- automatic weapons is because the government is pathetic for really believing that "criminals" are actually going to follow the laws. In other words, they are not. So why make the that banning law? Its a question that's impossible to answer. Very few evidence to actually make people believe and understand the reasons why the government should ban semi-automatic weapons.

  • No.

    The problem is that too many people believe that semi-automatic is automatic. This ban would outlaw most modern guns period, hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols. They do not spray bullets, and most of the non-gun owning Americans are confused about this. They need to be educated to make an appropriate decision.

  • No

    I do not believe semi-automatic weapons should be banned. The way that these weapons are regulated does need to change though. I believe every year the gun should have to be reregistered or the owner will face a fine. With harder laws implemented to get them, the use of them illegally should go down. I am not saying that a citizen should not have the right to own one. If they believe they should have one then the regulations provided will not be an issue.

  • No, they should not be banned.

    Semi-automatic weapons already exist in great numbers. It is simply impossible to ban them, as any criminal or crazy person who wishes to acquire one will still be able to do so. The only people who would be unable to acquire one would be law-abiding citizens who wished to own one for protection.

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