Should Sen. John Kerry be considered for Secretary of State?

  • Yes he should.

    Senator Kerry should definitely be considered for the Secretary of State. I feel that he is the most experienced person for the job since Colin Powell. I would have loved to have seen Senator Kerry become President Kerry, but Secretary of State Kerry sounds just as good. If he was good enough for the Democratic presidential nomination, he is certainly good enough to be Secretary of State.

  • Kerry Should Get Consideration

    John Kerry should most definitely get some consideration for the position of Secretary of State. He is definitely qualified for the spot and would be a good fit. If he can get consideration for President of the U.S. I do not see why he should not get it for this particular position.

  • Yes. I trust that those who work with him know better than I.

    The only thing I truly know about John Kerry is that which has been covered in the media. I trust that people who have worked closely with Senator John Kerry know his strengths and weaknesses, and will be considering him due to both of those things. Of course, there is a political aspect to all of this, but I have no specialized knowledge of his dealings with which to make this assessment.

  • I think it's not the worst idea.

    John Kerry has proven to be a good made over the years. He had my vote for President back in 2004. So why shouldn't he become Secretary of State? I think he would be a fine man for the job and he would do our country very proud with his well spoken nature.

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