Should senior citizens have to be re-tested for their driver's licences each year?

  • Yes, I think that is acceptable.

    I do think that it is fair that senior citizens get tested each year. I don't think they should be required to take the written or driving test again. Many of us would not be able to pass the written test without extensive studying. They should have an eye exam and maybe a doctor's note saying they are okay to drive.

  • We need to protect drivers

    As you get older, you get less careful with how you drive. Let's face it: our reflexes get worse and accidents happen. I think we've all seen a senior citizen hunched over the wheel, and felt scared. That's why we need to make sure that they are able to drive correctly, and if testing is the way to do it, then we should. We have to make sure that the senior is safe, and the people driving around him/her. THIS IS NOT DISCRIMINATION! Is making sure that you and your children are safe discriminating? Age is a fact, not something that is discriminated. That's why we need to test senior citizens to make sure they are able to drive correctly, and not bring harm to others.

  • Senior citizens should not be re-tested for their driver's licenses each year

    Senior citizens should not have to be re-tested for their driver's licenses each year. This is because of the fact that yearly testing is a bit excessive. Senior citizens should be re-tested for their driver's license, but every two to three years is more sensible than every single year for this reason.

  • No I don't think so.

    I think if you are going to make senior citizens have to take a re-test on their drivers license than we should have that be a policy for everyone, not just the elderly. Everyone always forgets how to drive or they just stop caring leaving people open to a dangerous situation.

  • Sounds Like Overkill

    I do not believe senior citizens should have to re-test for their driver's license each year. I believe it would be a little overbearing for a person to have to re-test on a yearly basis. I think it would be far better to re-test once a certain age is reached, once.

  • Not every year but should be tested

    Senior citizens should be retested every so often for their license. I think one year is too much of a requirement unless there is a known issue already. Spreading it out to 2-3 years would make more sense to me for the testing. This way we make sure they are still okay to drive.

  • Should senior citizens have to be re-tested for their driver's licence each year?

    Senior citizens should not be judged because of their age. They are far more experienced than other drivers. If a particular senior has a good drivers record and is not causing harm or risk to other drivers on the road than there is no reason for it. There is also extra time and money wasted by the senior having to be re-tested. It is unfair and a discrimination. It would make much more sense for their to be a drivers test every five years rather than each year

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