Should seniors have to take an annual drivers test?

  • Yes they should be required to take a driving and eye test.

    As a person that work on the highway I thing it should be required. We see too many elderly drivers driving well below the speed limit on higher speed highways. If you're driving and you need to go 40 below on the highway or in the rain you don't need to be on the road. Most of our road workers since I've worked on the highway either are elderly or nascar wannabes with baby on board stickers. If the can pass a driving and visual test every 6 months to a year I'm ok with them on the road. If they can't then first restrict them to what roads they can drive on before taking their license completely.

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  • Annual tests should

    Given to the elderly because they may have a condition and not care and drive anyways no matter the cause. Also most of the time if a person gets in a car crash with and elderly person it is the elders fault not the other persons. And as seniors they can barely take care of themselves at a certain point, therefore if they can't take care of themselves they shouldn't be driving. And the annual test can bring out the disabled people.

  • Elders are unstable drivers

    Elders are getting medication with harmful side effects, and start to go blind, lose mobility and have muted hearing, all witch can lead to tragedies and fatal incidents of new drivers who just got their permit and have to leave us because grandma did not want to stop driving!!!

    Think about it, a man or woman that has been driving on their own for 3 weeks has to stop driving because they were KILLED by a elder who has been driving for 20+ YEARS!!!!
    IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!

  • Injuries due to car accidents

    Due to the frailty of elderly peoples, they are more likely to be injured or endure fatality during a car crash. By creating annual driving test to test the mental alertness and ability to drive, we can create safer roads and less death rates in the older population. -FL age 18

  • Old drivers Need to

    Elder(old) drivers should take the test for a few reasons. One is that it will help reducce fatal accidents caused.Also, so we can make sure they can drive and not be "bad" at it. Thank you everybody, this is my reasoning why. There eare two sides to, I chose this one.

  • Yes, annual testing is needed

    After years of working in senior care it is clear to me that the elderly are often fearful or reluctant to admitt their diminished abilities to do things independently, from walking, to bathing, to cleaning,to properly keeping up with medications they don't want to admit they are no longer able to do it on their own (even to themselves). Driving is no exception. Far too often others are scrambling on the road to compensate for the reckless and dangerous driving of seniors. A woman almost plowed into my two young children and I at the library, and in fact did hit my leg. Even after I waved at her she just squinted and drove off. I am not even sure she ever saw us! She looked to be in her 70s and went careening off into the street, didn't stop at the stop sign and jumped in front of another vehicle, completely oblivious to her own reckless driving. Everyone else just jumped out of the way as she tore on through. She, and every other senior over 65 needs an annual driving test ( to check for safe driving practices) as well as clearance from their doctor and optometrist AND a reaction time test. Any who not pass need their license revoked and to be put in touch with other resources for mobility.

  • Almost got killed by a senior driver

    Yeas ago my mom and I were sitting in the waiting area of a vet's office with my dog when I suddenly felt this force pushing my chair forward. An elderly driver had driven on to the sidewalk and plowed her car through the glass exterior of the vet's office where we were sitting! I remembered everything like it was in slow motion. Luckily, the driver wasn't going to fast but her car slammed into the receptionist!S desk. Frightening! After that experience I have never sat with my back against a large window or exterior ever again! In my entire 40 years of life that was my closest brush with death and it was due to a senior citizen. It is ridiculous that annual driving tests are not required for senior drivers! Many are a danger and a menace to pedestrians!

  • Senior Driving Exam

    Living in Florida we have large numbers of seniors. It is so bad I will no longer ride my motor cycle within city limits. Last year a female driver that looked to be in here 80s nearly ran over me at a local bank and admonished me for not having flags on my bike. I ride a Goldwing that's lit up like a semi. I politely informed the elderly lady she never even looked before she pulled out, and she was insulted.
    Every morning the news reports another elderly driver has driven into a building or mowed down pedestrians. Something has to be done. Why are law makers so afraid of AARP and other senior organizations. I myself am nearing an age where I would be happy to take a yearly driving exam in order to keep the roads safe.

  • Yes, although so should everyone else.

    I believe that everybody should have to take a driving test every 10 years, with the period decreasing over age 65 to 5 years, and over 80 to every 2 years. It is all too easy to pick up bad habits an any age, and a test would highlight these. Anyone who failed could do a course and try again, unless there were medical issues making driving dangerous. However, I do think that there are more issues associated with elderly drivers, namely deteriorating sight, hearing, cognitive ability and reflexes. These need to be checked.
    Driving is a privilege not a right. Anyone not capable of passing a test should not be allowed to carry on driving regardless.

  • They have more experience

    They make more memories and know what they're doing on the road everyday. If they're bad enough that they do need a test they shouldn't be driving at all period. It's basically drive and understand what you are doing or don't drive at all. They have been driving for quite awhile and have muscle memory on what to do on the road.

  • It is not the driving skills that need to be tested.

    I understand that older drivers can be a hazard in the road but what affects their driving skills is their physical health. When you really think about it every single age group causes crashes and can kill young people, old people and someone who just started driving. You can't just blame older drivers. There are more elderly coming in to this world and you cant just cut them off from society because 'they are causing all the crashes and killing people'. If you really want to keep the roads' safe they need medical tests not driving tests. All I see from this is everyone discriminating elderly. Everyone has their faults.

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