Should separation of church and state be better enforced?

Asked by: ulagudie
  • People are still religiously surpressed

    People still debate on the topics of abortion, and gay marriage constantly, when the only reason they have a problem with these things is the fact that an old book said it was wrong. The fact that the old book that is followed is just a modified version of a different religion's old book.

  • Endorsement is still a major problem.

    There has been in the last few decades a major encroachment of religious endorsement into our laws and schools, and that is just plain unconstitutional.
    There is also a refusal by the IRS to follow the actual rules governing the tax exempt status of churches- a church is supposed to lose its tax exempt status if it gets involved in politics, including promoting specific candidates for office. Thousands of churches across the country do this, yet none of them lose their tax exempt status as they should according to the tax code.

  • No, seperation of church and state doesn't need better enforcment, it needs better explanation.

    Particularly around Christmas, one hears a lot of stories about people asking what the big deal is about a nativity scene on the court house lawn if everybody in town is Christian. The fact that they have to complain about government taking down the scene means that separation is working. What would aid the U.S. and democracy and Jeffersonian ideals better, would be to have more conversations dealing with WHY it's good for all of us not to have the baby Jesus on the court house lawn.

  • It has been well enforced since the creation of the country.

    Separation of church and state refers to the fact that the U.S. Government is not allowed to install a national church/religion. As far as I know, not once in the history of the United States has there ever been a church instated by the federal government.

    So no, it shouldn't be, because it doesn't need to be.

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