Should separatists discard soft separatism in favor of more drastic measures to secure racial equality?

  • Yes, they should stay true ot their message

    Adopting more politically correct positions weakens any cause. Too often people with hard-line beliefs and values sell out and try to soften their message due to political pressure or social pressure. This is a failed approach, people respect you and your message more if you stick to it, not sell out. when you are right about something, don't be afraid to go hard with it.

  • We should all just get along.

    No, separatists should not discard soft separatism in favor of more drastic measures to secure racial equality, because racial separation should completely stop. People should just treat each other kindly, and we should not have any laws in place that help people discriminate on the basis of race in any way.

  • Separatism is not realistic

    No, I do not believe that soft or drastic separatism is acceptable in any instance. Separatism is not realistic in this day and time. no one is pure in any way; our races have tainted and mixed with other of time. Some may never be separate from the other so separatism could never work again.

  • Only drastic times call for drastic measures.

    Racial equality is a sensitive issue that does not go away with a few drastic actions. The subtelty required to achieve racial equality must be reflective of the acceptance within the community or society. Racism is not a way of thinking that just gets erased. Generations may hold a race responsible for a loss decades past and still refuse to offer forgiveness. This is why seperatists should be satisfied with a slow and steady transition.

  • No: Separatists Should Stick To Whatever Failed Strategies They Already Embrace

    Rather than attempting a new strategy that is also likely to fail, separatists should save their time and continue to fail by repeating their current methodologies. When some of these separatists get tired of their "soft" approach, they should resort to petty power struggles and in fighting as they try to publicly manage the face of a project whose goals are ultimately unattainable. Then, finally, these separatists should look themselves in the mirror and realize they've wasted their lives in cultivating fear and hatred, and have nothing to show for what they attempted, other than gray hair and their own gnawing doubts as they approach their grave.

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