• Discrimination and Equality

    If state and church would become, people of other religions, even different sects, would be discriminated against and be seen as opponents and second class citizens. The reason why the pilgrims and settlers came here in the 1400's was to escape religious persecution, and our deistic founding fathers wanted to create a nation of freedom and equality.

  • They should be

    I don't get why some people see the US as being a Christian nation, the Constitution and the founding fathers intended seperation of church and state. Some people seem to want to oppose it for some reason, and putting "in god we trust" on currency is really uneccessary. It should be seperate.

  • The Church should not have influence over the state

    It is okay for you to have a religion and you should be able to live by the religion peacefully within a state, but that religion should not have a say in how the country is run. Religion has rules that should not be forced onto people that do not want to be a part of that religion.

  • No Serbia needs to be Orthodox!!

    Serbia has been plagued by our eternal enemy the Turks. Ottomans are not here anymore, who is going to guide you now smelly Kebabs? Serbia needs to remain an Orthodox state because our legacy is at stake. We will never become like Bosnians convert to Islam. Government needs to keep up the religious schools otherwise we will all become Turk Islam Bosnian or like Catholic!!! Brothers everywhere in Orthodox you know our pain do not convert!! Orthodox Christian true religion do not be like catholic or muslim believe in true God(not catholic).

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