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  • With the current FIFA scandals and issues it is time for Sepp Blatter to leave.

    FIFA, the governing agency that controls the International Football Leagues, has gone through turmoil of late. The recent arrests and fraud events have marred the agency quite terribly and all under the guidance and eye of Sepp Blatter. With these charges and scandals it makes sense for Blatter to step down from his position.

  • Sepp Blatter should not remain in power at FIFA.

    It is clear from the recent indictments that FIFA is an organization riddled with corruption. Blatter has not done all that is required to protect the reputation of the organization, and should take responsibility for the actions of those under him and step down from FIFA leadership. That is part of being the person in charge when things go wrong.

  • Change is long overdue

    Blatter was first elected as FIFA president in 1998 and will soon be 80 years of age. While age and longevity are not sins, Blatter's record makes for uncomfortable reading. Bribery and voting scandals have haunted football's governing body throughout his reign. Staging a World Cup in Qatar, a tiny nation with a fierce climate and a dubious record on human rights, does FIFA's credibility little good.

  • Any person who is arrested on corruption charges should not remain in a position of power.

    Because Sepp Blatter has been accused of financial mismanagement, I believe he should not be further trusted in his role as President of FIFA. The players need to be able to trust the income that their efforts and athleticism afford them and having a leader who may be misappropriating funds gives them an unstable financial foundation.

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