• Sepp Blatter is a crook

    Sepp Blatter is most likely a criminal. At the very least he turned a blind eye to criminal acts being committed by those he was supervising. FIFA needs new blood to route out the endemic corruptions. Seep Blatter is a big part of the problem and cannot be trsuted to come up with the solution.

  • Yes, he has lost all credibility

    It is my belief that Sepp Blatter should not have been re-elected in the first place. In my view he must, at the very least, have been aware of the corruption in Fifa. If not, he is a fool. Either way, continuing to serve as president of Fifa was untenable from a world perspective.

  • Agree, a leader should be a good example.

    Yes, I agree that Sepp Blatter should step down as the president of Fifa, because of his lack of leadership and his action shows his wrongdoings.
    Sepp Blatter should not say this words "I am the president of everybody." A man with a kind word is a leader not like this.

  • Sepp Blatter Should Not Step Down If He Is Not Guilty.

    Sepp Blatter was just elected as the President of Fifa and it is a mistake for him to step down. Stepping down at this point would be seen as an admission of guilt in this matter. He should wait to see how the courts proceed and if he is innocent, he should keep his position.

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