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  • Serbia should join the e.U.

    Serbia should they are in the middle why not just add them in the e.U. . Let them prove their selves worthy. A little change won't hurt now would it . Also because they fought the other war Kosovo to be independent maybe they thought independent is too hard think about how they feel like if the shoes was on the other foot and u are trying your hardest to succeed at something and cant u was hurt give them a chance

  • Yes, serbia should!

    Yes Serbia should join the EU! Joining the EU would benefit Serbia in several ways. The EU provides protection for its workers from discrimination and exploitation. The EU also benefits its members' environments and raises the standards for clean air, water, and beaches. Furthermore, being a part of the EU and having the Euro for currency would improve Serbia's economy and make it easier for its citizens to travel.

  • United we stand divided we fall

    The human race needs to grow up and put an end to the tribalism and nationalism that bedevils all nations not just Serbia. When you look at the history of Europe NO country can claim the moral high ground. It's time to think outside the box, put aside stupid prejudice and appreciate that we will,survive together or die apart.

  • Serbia Should join the EU

    Serbia is a good country, just because they aren't that rich doesn't mean they are a bad country. Serbia are resourceful, hard working and very, very helpful. They respect the law and deal with criminals drug dealers and rapists very easily, having Serbia in the EU would work out nicely.

  • Everyone deserves a chance!

    Being part of the EU. Means we get along for the most part and are friends. We also believe in the same things. We are trying to make the world a better place for those who live in it. If we help change them change their problems they might be a better country. They have also come a long way since the War. They want to be a country.

  • Why not, I suppose?

    Well, it seems that Serbia has come a long way into the 21st century since the Yugoslav wars, and really, it cant economically injure them, there are only benefits. The thing is, the "post nationalist" man made feel will not be found in Serbia (The start of the Yugoslav war should be enough to show that), something that many Bulkun countries are not affected by as they are not generally use to immigration due to either their political or financial state, so naturally, they would be a lot more conservative, which, I see as a good thing, to preserve the country. Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, there all like that. But, further on topic, as long as Turkey is not in it, I see no reason why not to. Then again, if Turkey was in it, most members would drop out because that opens the doors of immigration to a country of 70 million people who are already trying to force themselves into Germany, and they won't hold back on other countries. Plus, the EU doesn't take to kindly to Islamist nationalists, and Turkey is a country that refuses to change that, so I see no way of them getting in.

  • Eu eu eu eu eu eu

    There are many bad things about the E.U. Its ruling class denies the genuine European heritage of Europe and seeks to replace it with "post modernism" and "post nationalism". Thanks to the backwards mindset of these "modernists" places like Paris and London look more like Morocco and India than Europe.

    Serbia will not have this problem. :D

    Because obviously the "European" ruling class will do its best to colonize and enslave the country leading to an ever increasing destroyed economy and frustrated and angry population. Not even the most hardcore of African child soldiers will dare immigrate into the country. The argument that the "No" people are saying is invalid here because Serbia is already a hellhole and it is not even in the European union yet. So since Serbia hit rock bottom already there are only benefits to joining the E.U...... Or should I say 1 benefit. Now when a brave Serbian soul decides to leave that beautiful country (actually that was a joke, once the borders open the proper sentence would be "when a brave Serbian soul decides to stay that beautiful country") they can automatically get 50 Chinese girls to jump on him in the club in Shanghai just because he is able to wave around the superior, golden E.U. Passport and scream "I'M EUROPEAN!" (because they aren't European already until they join the union mind you).

    It may not be much. But even a +1 is better than a 0.

    - Serb Diaspora in Canada

  • I want Serbia in European Union

    I want Serbia in European Union because: more jobs, better lifestyle, better technology, better food, better salary, euro currency, assistance from other countries, better Internet services, cheaper bread, Better Towns, better lift in the building, more shopping centers, cheaper travel, more parks, more economy, more factories, more product, major cities and more...

  • Serbia should join the EU

    Serbia should join the EU for the same reasons that all countries should join each other. Regardless of the immediate pros and cons of joining with one another there is still much to be gained in the long run. The only way we will ever truly achieve world peace is if all countries finally join together under one roof and understand that they are all the nation of earth.

  • I don't even think about thinking so!

    Serbia never recognizes Kosovo's independence. We will never forget Srebenica! Let Turkey, Iceland, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo join in instead! SERBIA WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER JOIN THE EUROPEAN UNION!! And if i said never, i Mean NEVER!!!! Serbia always discriminates and never listens to world opinion or human rights! Serbs are never European!

  • Were better off without eu

    Serbia is far better off without the eu in every aspect, however this doesn't mean we should not be trying to profit from them. Besides Europe Union is on its last legs, it will just be another yugoslavia all over again.
    Ps when i say every aspect I also mean as in it would destroy our culture and traditions.

  • NO to EU

    EU is a catastrophic sinking ship , ruled by unelected corrupt fat cats who are raping nations of their liberty, culture and resources. Creating nations of debt slaves is not the road to a bright and prosperous future for Europe. Serbia should remain an independent nation, take responsibility for your own country and build a nation of liberty, peace and prosperity. Get rid of the IMF, harness your resources and rebuild your manufacturing sector for the 21st century. Freedom for Serbia.

  • C'era una volta il West

    I am from Serbia. Not now. We need first to strengthen the economy, and little raise awareness among people even if it take hundred years.

    And will we later join the EU is completely irrelevant.

    Yes Scandinavian countries would be a great role model, but EU is not a magic wand to cast a spell on us. It is all in hard work.

  • Never join eu

    I do not want Serbia to join the EU. They will end up like Greece or worse. Rebuild your country and stay away from this terrible blue print of a system for destroying individual nations. Stay as your own country, have the people work together to build a better future for its future generations.

  • Serbia Does not deserve help from EU funds

    The country of Serbia Does not Deserve EU privileges and funding because they still dwell in the days of the past. Not allowing Kosovo to be an Independent country with it's own laws and regulations. Serbia has stricken me as a racist and undeveloped country, definitely under the standards of Europe's new 28th member Croatia. If you observe some small towns in Serbia you will find they are still living without electricity and in conditions equally as bad as Poor African Countries. Serbia is still heavily influenced by ethnic cleansing and the mindset of all its young people still regard Serbia to be what it once was known as Yugoslavia.

  • No, they are unstable.

    No, Serbia should not join the EU, because Serbia is not a stable enough country to be an asset to the EU. Countries that join the EU should be required to carry their weight, in terms of not bringing the other countries down economically. Serbia needs to demonstrate its stability before joining the EU.

  • A country that harbored war criminals for sooooo long

    They have to wait for some more time as a lesson.
    They could have handed over the criminals long back.
    Now when the economy goes down, they want to ditch their war heroes.
    I dont think the people are trust worthy, when they are ok to give up their heroes when in need of money.
    Sorry for the harsh words. But the levels of crime commited and a nation of people still supporting those acts without shame. No way soon into EU

  • What on earth!

    Earlier this month, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy traveled to ‎Croatia‬, ‎Serbia‬ and ‎Kosovo‬ to discuss EU enlargement in the Western Balkans. On 1 July, Croatia became the latest country to join the EU and, despite continuing problems of record-high EU unemployment and a struggling economy, membership talks for Serbia will begin at the latest by January 2014. The breakthrough for Serbia came following a historic agreement in April with its former province, Kosovo, to normalise diplomatic relations between the two neighbours. But the biggest issue is wealth. Serbia ha hardly any money, and why waste it on something like the EU? People will starve and the country will break apart into little pieces. Why do that?

  • No they should not

    Serbia should not join the EU because that would mean giving up the land they fought for (Kosovo) long ago and they would have to agree to make it an independent state. If Serbia ever enters into the EU riots would most likely break out in the streets of this beautiful nation and it would be torn apart. Serbia should remain the way it is today and take back what truly belongs to them, Kosovo.

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