Should serial killers and child molesters be sent to mental asylums instead of jails?

  • These are mental issues.

    There is strong evidence that support most serial killers are psychopaths that have an insatiable urge to kill. There was even one serial killer that had begged for the death penalty, saying he couldn't resist the need to kill. Numerous serial killers get a sick sense of pride from their crimes and how hard it was to find them and how famous their crimes had become. They often leave behind clues and try test detectives, the entire time knowing they would eventually be caught. These individuals are not changed by prison. Prison does not address psychological issues. Prison often makes a criminal question their morals. However, these people have mental issues, that often times make them feel moral or they have somewhat of an addiction that there is no rehab for unlike with drug users. Also, child molesters, have something wrong w/ them mentally that make them attracted to young people. Now many child molesters prey on teens so that may not be a psyche issue, just an issue of an adult taking advantage of a youth. However, to be attracted to a small child is a mental problem and often times people cannot help who or what they are attracted to. There should still be some form of punishment since they acted on this, but since child molesters often get out of jail earlier then they should we should treat whatever mental fault that caused this attraction. Evidence would suggest many child molesters will still hold this attraction for young children even after jail.

  • They need help

    Studies have shown that the people who commit these crimes have particular histories or are not mentally stable . Instead of leaving this people in jail for X amount of years place them were they may receive some form of help. Rather they will be there for X amount of years, or the rest of their lives.

  • They should not go to either

    Serial killers and child molesters should simply be put to death. They have killed or have caused serious emotional damage; take a life, have your life taken. It is simple as that. Best punishment in the world.
    Now here is the worst. Feed them in a prison for the rest of their life. They do not have to work or anything and they get free stuff. Or give them food, a warm room to sleep in, and an antipsychotic for the rest of their life. They just cause you to lose money. Putting a bullet through their head would not cost but a nickel.

  • They need help

    If these people go to jail they will get worst and come out of jail and will do even worst crimes then they did in the beginig. Its better to got to the mental hospital to get help so then when they come out in the real word and are healed if they do anither crime then they will go to jail cause we know they cant get better.

  • Nature v. Nurture

    As a neuroscientist, Adrien Raine, once stated, "many people currently being punished for their crimes cannot actually control their behaviour, and should be seen as suffering from a disorder that needs treatment". Of course, by any means, that does not mean we should just place every single serial killer in a mental institution but those who were diagnosed with a mental illness/disorder. Our society and justice systems need to acknowledge mental health as an important factor that might make one commit crime.

  • Hospitals try to help people get better. Many people so damaged will never get better.

    Every case is different.
    Some people with obvious mental and emotional problems can be helped in a mental asylum style hospital. OTHER WILL NEVER CHANGE!

    I see the need to assess a criminals mental health before trial so the jury has evidence on which to base a decision. Here are some possibilities.

    1. Person is mentally incompetent, but can be kept out of situations where their incompetence will endanger others. Here long term prison or hospital have little value. Assess them and place them in a community where they can function with a few restrictions.

    2. Person was overcome by bad judgment of drugs, alcohol, rage or some other short term issue. Here long term prison or hospital also have little value. Assess them and place them in a community where they can function with a few restrictions.

    3. Person has mental or character flaw where they are unlikely to ever change for the better. Here long term prison or hospital have HUGE value. These people should never be unsupervised in public. Lockup, exile or death are the primary options that have the benefit of protecting society. If we are unwilling to kill them then hospitals or prisons may be the best option.

    One advantage (and danger) of the mental health system is that it can impose a true life sentence without lawyers or courts having any say.

    A great book on this subject is "The Psychopath Test"

    If anyone is interested I have the e-book I could loan you

  • I was thinking of a similar approach

    I was thinking that since both serial killers and pedophiles have a similar situation where they cannot be rehabilitated. Their crimes are so heinous and locking them up somewhere would cost the tax payers a small fortune, not to mention the over crowding situation in the prisons. I think that we should just euthanize all of them. Problem solved.

  • I don't think so

    Two completely different crimes. Serial killers need to be executed in a timely manner. While the child molesters need to be locked up for good. The same goes for rapists. The mental disorder is the same and you can't fix it. So those crimes are more similar and should receive similar punishment and that is to remove them from society.

  • No Excuse For Either One

    1) Just Because Most Serial Killers Are Psychopaths, Wet The Bed Past The Age Of 12, Were Abused Or Neglected As Children, Were Bullied As Children It Does Not Give Them A Reason Or Excuse To Go Out And Murder Other People. 2) Most People That Commit Sex Crimes Were Never Abused & Have Never Been Diagnosed With Any Mental Disorders. 3) The People That Said Yes Either Are Friends With, They Defend, Or They Support Sex Offenders & Serial Killers. 4) All Sex Offenders, Serial Killers, Their Supporters, & Their Defenders Should All Be Publicly Executed By Torture And Their Executions Should Be Live On TV, All Social Media Sites, & All Video Streaming Sites.

  • Criminals, or Mad Dogs?

    The mistake in this argument is that many consider these who have committed these horrible acts and don't feel regret or cant stop to be criminals, to be people, these things are not people they can at best be considered as a mad disease ridden dog, it is mindless beast that hurts and kills what ever it can before it dies. Such creatures must be executed, and not in a mental asylum or a prison. There are good reasons to do this: one it is kinder to everyone else, two it is cheaper than keeping them happy and fed for the rest of their lives, three it will also free up space in the prisons.

  • I don't think its fair

    How come people who are truly sick and need mental help get put in jail but a child molester gets to be in an environment that 'helps' them become better people...Better people my ass They should be put where they need to be and that's in jail. Sick twisted perverts!

  • Mental health issues don't absolve people of guilt unless they've lost touch with reality

    We as a society have a right to decide that we don't want to risk letting certain criminals out of jail. Serial killers and child molesters should be locked up for life. If they want therapy or even religious counseling while they're in jail that should be provided as it is a positive thing if they want to become better people, but we shouldn't risk releasing them.
    For thieves, vandals, embezzlers-Give them a second chance after their sentence is done and offer them counseling services in jail.
    But someone who commits first degree murder, molests a child, rapes anyone, or commits grievous bodily harm like removing a limb or gouging out people's eyes should be in jail for the rest of their lives. Even if evidence suggests a majority can be rehabilitated that isn't good enough. Still too much of a risk.
    The only exception would be if they had a psychotic mental health issue which lead them to do it and not merely the issue of having pathological desires. If they've lost touch with reality that's different. If they know what's real but are acting on sick, perverse desires they still know exactly what they are doing and could've chosen not to act on their desire and saw a therapist instead of committing a crime.

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