• This should not even be debatable.

    Technically, A service dog is a piece of medical apparatus. (Albeit a very sweet and loving one). Would you tell a child that they can’t bring their wheelchair to school? That Bri g said, There are myriad of fake service dogs out there because there are no state or federal regulations currently that certified a service dog. This is something that needs to be addressed at the government level.

  • Dogs are helpers

    Service dogs may be a distraction to some kids but they can save a kids life. Some dogs are trained to detect seizures and other things like that. Even though school nurses can help with that service dogs can warn others before it gets really bad. That's why I say yes service dogs should be allowed in schools

  • To help kids

    Kids should know that they are safe and so should their parents as they are at school and the service dogs can help solve that problem throughout the day and I myself think this would be a great idea because I myself am a kid and I would feel very good with a service dog around

  • Just a opinion

    Yes because they can help the nurses and they can give cpr to kids to help the nurse. And it can help the special needs and it can sniff out danger and it can help with the kids and it can show the parents how good of a school it is and they will like it I bet because they are knowing their children are ok and safe while they are at work.

  • Are we really separating disabled kids from our community were we are supposably all equal?

    Are we really going to tell a child that they are not allowed in a school because they are in need of a service dog? By doing that, we are saying that because she has a disability and gets extra help from a service dog, that she does not belong in a community were we are all equal. Could you really say that to a child?

  • Dogs can help with diabetic kids and other medical conditioned kids, and as always kids need a cute furry companion to stay focused.

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  • Yes they should

    Service dogs are well trained beleve me i know someone that has a disibibility and they have a service dog and they love it and why you should have one is because they are well well trained hey would never give a service dog to someone else if they were not well traind

  • That's what their for, right?

    Am i correct that service dogs are trained to be of "service", or aid the person in need? If the dogs are properly trained (aka don't maim some innocent student), they would be a huge help to students who need them. But then again, if a child couldn't see...Would he/she have special classes so that they could work around their handicap? Some people have their personal monkeys!!!

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