Should serving in the military be as glorified as it is?

  • We are defending our country.

    I feel those who make the choice with a career in the military, deserve just as much glorification as they receive. They are making a decision to defend their country at all costs, without thinking of the negative consequences, especially when American is going through a war at the current moment.

  • Yes, serving in the military should be glorified.

    Soldiers should be glorified because they are willing to join a branch of the military without knowing exactly what will be asked of them. Members of the military endure tough training while missing their families. I think the fact they are brave enough to put their life on the line for our freedom is a sacrifice that should never be taken for granted.

  • Yes

    Any time that you put your life on the line for our country and the people that live here you are a hero. These people are forgetting about everything else and sacrificing what they can do for the betterment of our country. I do not know what else would be considered a person of more glory.

  • Absolutely!

    Yes it most certainly should be. These men and women put their lives at risk in the defense of their country. They spend countless weeks, months and even years away from their families and loved ones, all so we have the freedom our country was built on. They should be thanked in many more ways than they are.

  • They're putting their life on the line

    Without knowing the outcome, soldiers are willing to die for those who they don't even know. They don't know if they will come home; if they ever get to see their partner or children again. They are real heroes that cannot be repaid well enough. They are the real superman.

  • Yes absolutely .

    Of course they should in fact they don't even get shown enough of respect, they should also get paid more "I think a man wearing a helmet protecting his country should get paid more than a man in a helmet protecting a football". These men and women are fighting for your every right, freedom is not free.

  • They are designed to kill; to take a life.

    They are simply mindless machines that are designed to take lives. People talk about defence of country. For example, what are US soldiers defending while being in Afghanistan and Iraq? Neither Afghanistan nor Iraq is attacking nor are in any position to attack the US. So what are they "defending"? Instead they're there for oil. The politicians can't go in and take the oil. So they send in these mindless machines to bully the country. Along with this, the deaths that occur as "collateral damage"...the innocent people.

  • Definitely not.

    At least modern day soldiers shouldn't. Perhaps if they actually fought for our freedoms, instead of murdering for Kellogg Brown and Root. Our soldiers fight for the interest of corporations and governments. Our soldiers are pawns to be used in our unjustified wars of aggression so that America can buy oil with the dollar instead of gold. That's the reason we bombed Libya.

  • Depends on what they did or if they did anything.

    If they did something heroic like save a fellow brother in combat (because most soldiers don’t fight for the man on the balcony giving out bs political speeches but for the people they fight with) or maybe saved civilians or etc, Yes. But if they didn’t really do anything really remarkable, Then no because it’s really just another job. I’m trying to convince my little cousin not to join the military or make it his top priority as a job in the future because I don’t wanna lose him.

  • It's a job like any other!

    Because it is a job like any other. And it comes with a choice, You chose to be a soldier, No one compelled you to - all the BS about nationalism aside. Yes, True that you are ready to sacrifice your life for us, And we are commending that with awards, Recognition, Pay, Facilities, Pension. But it cannot be that the you taking up a 'JOB' like any other should be glorified till eternity. All said and done, It is an unending debate because it is very difficult to change society's outlook on this issue.

  • Militarism is an evil mental disease

    Soldiers and police are not heroes. Plainly they are hired murderers. The military does not defend America or any other such childish nonsense. The military is a tool the ownership (parasite) class uses to gain land and resources from other people and to suppress rebellion at home.

    Militarism, Authoritarianism and nationalism are mental deficiencies that have no place in a free society.

  • A military job is not more glorious than another.

    Members of the military in the US are volunteers in a profession of which only a small fraction put there lives at risk and there many other profession where a significant percentage of workers put there lives at risk or give up a family life for their job. There are many reasons why one chooses to join the military only one of which is to defend the country. One can serve the nation in many different ways, only one of which is to join the military. Thus, the military are not singular in their service to the country, patriotism (to country or fellow countryman) and their level of personal sacrifice.

  • Just a Tool

    If a country is a human being, then an army is not the hand, but a gun.
    Whether it used for defending or attacking/violating others rights is depending the country moral compass.
    Should they be glorified? No.
    It's like saying a tool should be glorified more than... Say... A doctorate certificate.

  • No. War is amoral and inhuman.

    At home we sentence people to death and and life in prison for murder. Killing children is seen as especially heinous and child killers can't even make it in prison amongst the most evil criminals. But when soldiers go to third world countries and kill civilians including pregnant women and children we give them medals and call them heros. The vast majority of all war casualties are civilians, not combatants.

  • It's Become An Excuse For Over-Patriotism

    I have a high enough respect for those who serve in the military, believe me, no matter what their reason for joining is. But it has become a reason for the way many alt-rights act. The military shouldn't be worshipped like a cult, they fight for our country, but praising them for everyone they fight against promotes the idea that Muslim bans and "the wall" are all just, as they are "against" our country.

  • It's not as good as it seems

    The military uses and abuses those who join. They fight so the government makes more money. They're an interchangeable pawn made to view killing as a good thing because some big guy told them too. It uses cult techniques to keep people in and make sure they don't tell everyone how bad it truly is.

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