Should Seth MacFarlane return to host the 2014 Oscars?

  • He did a good job

    He was probably one of the best I have seen. He didn't go too over the top and he made sure the audience had fun. I think that if he came back again then it would be a good thing. Click no if you think of a better candidate but the point is he did a good job.

  • No, he should not be invited.

    Seth MacFarlane was an embarrassment to this country and to the world. He gave the most mysoginistic, sexist, in poor taste hosting of the Oscars that I have ever seen, and probably that is on record. One would hope that we would be beyond such adolescent boy humor by now, but I guess not. Billy Crystal is my all time favorite.

  • No, let someone else host

    Seth MacFarlane should not return to host the Oscars again, somebody else should step up as host next year. We need a new face and fresh jokes, not the same thing repeating year after year. Plus, Seth MacFarlane offended quite a few people at this years Oscars, it would probably be best if he didn't return since he received such a mixed response.

  • No, Seth MacFarlane should not return for the 2014 Oscars.

    I think Seth is a very funny guy, and usually I love his comedy. However, at the 2013 Oscars, he went a little too far. His remark about "we saw your boobs," was not funny. It was about women who had been raped. I think the remark was very tacky and for that, I think he blew his chance.

  • No, Seth MacFarlane should not return

    Seth MacFarlane did a great job at the 2013 Oscars. He was funny, original, and had nice comedic timing that enlivened the night. The controversy over some of his choices (the Boobs song, for example) was overblown, and nothing out of the ordinary for the comedian. That said, what could he possibly bring in 2014 he didn't already do?

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