Should sex and violence on television be restricted?

  • Sex and violence on TV should be restricted.

    Yes,sex and violence on tv should be restricted.It would be better for society,and especially children if sex and violence on tv were restricted.Children watch a lot of tv and are especially impressionable so it would be better if parents and other concerned adults just took control and put reasonable restrictions onTV.

  • Yes and it already is

    Yes sex and violence on television should be restricted and it is. You won't see full nudity on broadcast channels and violence is also limited. Granted there has been a lot more allowed but there is still a large difference between NYPD Blue and Shameless, broadcast vs paid cable shows.

  • Yes, but to an extent.

    Sex and violence on television obviously needs some restriction because we do not want young children or easily influenced minds watching things that will corrupt there head or cause confusion. However, it should be available on certain channels that can easily be blocked by families that do not want it.

  • No in general.

    If you're argument is yes because children watch too much tv, then as a parent you're not doing your job. It's your responsibility to monitor what they see and here, and to explain to them the difference between inappropriate and appropriate words and actions. There are plenty of clean shows and plenty of not so clean ones. As an adult, I will determine what I decide to watch, and what my children are allowed to watch. Television is a business. I'm not going to pay for purely clean shows and television companies know that. They will do what they need to do in order to make sales. Likewise, as an adult, I'm willing to pay for my entertainment.

  • Content is up to individuals to moderate

    Some people like certain things, and it's not up to others to dictate how they live their lives. If you don't like what's on tv, it's easy enough to turn off, or even censor out with technology these days. I don't think it contributes significantly to delinquency in the general population.

  • Just Label It Appropriately

    I do not believe that sex and violence should be restricted on television, at least not all together. I believe it is better to clearly label programs for their content, which is already being done. I think it is nice to have family caliber type programming on during certain times of the day and more violent or sex oriented shows at other times. I believe the system works well as it is.

  • We are in control of what we watch

    No, I do not believe that sex and violence need to be restricted. Both of these things are a part of life. The best thing about television is that if you don wish to something that is playing, it is very easy to turn the channel. We can't hide from everything all time.

  • No more so than they are at the moment

    Sex and violence are commonplace on television nowadays. It doesn't bother me personally, as I'm used to it by now, but if it offends people there's a simple solution- don't watch it. No-one's forcing you. In the case of children, it's the responsibility of parents, not broadcasters, to monitor what their children watch on TV. If a parent complains because their child was exposed to violent or sexual content on a television show, I'm forced to ask why the child was allowed to watch it in the first place? Programmes always warn viewers if there will be adult content, so if a parent then chooses to ignore these warnings that's down to them.

  • No be responsible for yourself

    Things on television are already monitored enough. If you do not like what you are seeing then of course don't watch it and find something else. If that is not enough then one should just find something else to watch in general then you don't even have to have a debate at all.

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