• Situational as to legality

    Situations that should be illegal:
    Sex with children
    Eugenics - the concept of snipping various cords in the body to prevent someone from having children:
    child molesters
    severely disabled/mentally handicapped people
    I have to write eighteen more words before I can post this message, now just five more words.

  • Sex is life

    No sex....No sexual pleasure
    No sexual pleasure.....No pregnancy
    No pregnancy......No babies
    No babies..... No children
    No children.....No adults
    No adults.....No seniors
    No seniors....No death
    No death.....Birth rates decline
    Birth rates decline.... Sadness
    Sadness.....Commit suicide
    Commit suicude.....More sadness
    More sadness......Commit suicude again
    Commit suicude again.....Human life rates decline
    Human life rates decline.....Age of extinction
    Age of extinction.....EXTINCTION

  • Only if it's consensual.

    Because this is such a no-brainer question, I'm going to say yes.
    To begin with, sex makes messes. It also attracts serial killers and assorted monsters. Stay safe! Stay celibate!
    Also, most people have SEXUAL INTERCOURSE IN THE FORBIDDEN FOREST without a thought to consequences. People should know exactly what happens after sex and what they should prepare for if they do want to have their (illegal) sex. Cloning for the win, citizen. The Computer is your Friend.

  • Sex should not become illegal sex sex sex Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

    Sex should not become illegal sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sexsex ssex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex should not become illegal

  • You want sex? GO F*** YOURSELF!!!

    Unplanned pregnancy. Abortion. Sexually transmitted diseases. Rape. Child molestation. These are all the side effects of the barbaric practice of sexual activity. We as a species should stop devoting so much precious time to sex, as the risks far outweigh the benefits. A doctor can help a couple produce a child, or they could create one in the comforts of home without the need for this disgusting behavior. Sex is an outdated concept from a primitive time. Imagine how much we could accomplish if the time we took to "make love" was used to better ourselves as a species! We could eliminate starvation, find green energy, fix the economy or even find world peace! Forget this ancient abomination, and look to the future of the Homo Sapiens!

  • The world is populated enough

    The more sex we have the more kids there will be and polar bears will die out. That is why one kid is enough, as a matter of fact sex should be illegal

    there i said it lets make having sex and kids illegal save the planet before it is too late

    have a good day

  • Artificial insemination should be the only means for reproduction.

    Before we could condone this radical action the population would have to be indoctrinated to think less with their limbic brain and more with their Neo Cortex. Tempered reason would have to be used to train the individual to think logically rather than emotionally. The individual would have a civic duty to go to a sperm donation center, if, his dna were desirable for society. Woman would also be screened at birth as males are. Those who are best suited to raise the child would be selected. If an individual had sexual desires you would masturbate. As the current social system exists it is pleasure oriented and gives little consideration for future generations. Many, don't care if the easy way is taken now so long as they don't have to fix the problem. Future generations look forward to massive starvation if the current population doesn't take responsibility for itself. Means are currently being deployed around the planet to try and stem over population through capital management in short, make the majority of the population so poor they can't afford to have children. There is a much better way to live, if we can suppress the animal instinct of man.

    I am, by no means unsympathetic. I am, actually a very horny man, however, that is not an excuse to cause extreme harm to future generations. It is cruel and just as evil as Stalin or Hitler's actions.

  • A girl gave me PTSD, and sex and anything beautiful triggers it.

    I would take away all sexual desires and feelings in a heart beat from all humans on the planet, it would make us extinct I know. I now have PTSD because of a girl betraying me, I can not experience anything beautiful in my life, I never have anyway. I am more like a machine now. I dream about taking away all sexual desires from this world.

  • I now have PTSD and other problems because of a girl, sex and anything beautiful triggers my PTSD.

    Yes it would make humans extinct, but I still would turn all humans asexual and remove all sexual desires and feelings. There is nothing beautiful in my life and there can never be so the only thing to do is take away beauty entirely. I need six more words lol.

  • Someone should at least try to try here

    So look no one seems to be bothering with this side so here's this. Obviously saying things like "people will have sex anyway" or "this will result in the extinction of humanity" is going to be the main counter argument here, but this really fails to take into consideration how many things there are that everyone knows everyone does but are still illegal. From speeding to digital piracy to drugs, there are an enormous number of laws on the books that are violated by the majority of people as a matter of course.
    Adding sex to these gives us a number of distinct advantages. Essentially it makes overt, aggressive or public displays of sexuality extremely difficult to defend. Furthermore, it makes the prosecution of rape vastly easier and more effective. All that needs to be done in such cases is prove that sex took place. The argument that the victim is lying about their lack of consent no longer holds water. Regardless of who did or did not consent an illegal act took place.

  • Aduld consensual sex should be legal.

    Sex should not be illegal between consenting ADULTS. Sex is natural and good for you. I don't see why adult consensual sex should be illegal. Sex isn't always about procreation, It can be for fun as well! So whether you want have consensual safe sex with your wife, Girlfriend, Sister or cousin. It should be legal.

  • Without sex, We don't have humans.

    Sex is required to create human offspring, Making it illegal will just kill many families and that's completely stupid. It should just be illegal before marriage, That way there isn't too many people and it is a more special thing to unite man and woman to make a child of their own for them to raise.

  • We will disappear

    If we never reproduced the human race would be extinct soon why would anyone think that doing something as a species to keep it going should be illegal? If that law is made then people will start riots against the government because it is something that every species does reproduce

  • People will do it at some point

    Sex should not be illegal because if no one had sex, no one would have kids. If no one had kids, everyone would die out and there would be no kids to replace them. If we weren't allowed to have sex, we would not be able to populate the Earth. Practically it would lead to the over population of animals. Then that would all end up in devastation. So, in conclusion, sex should not be illegal because we need to populate the Earth.

  • Banning sex won't solve problems related to it. It would only make it worse.

    When a person is not allowed to do things, due to some form of need to rebel, they would do it as much as they can. People would purposefully F*** in public just to spite the law and once caught they'd be treated no differently than that of a rapist or even a terrorist. Not to mention the many old sex crimes, such as rape increasing due to the urges going into overdrive. You could tie tubes, vasectomy and even chop it off, but while that would slow down the urges, they would have this empty feeling inside them that they will need to compensate through other means, such as murder. It is a known fact that male murderers alone, who have a history of sexual related problems, such as the common erectile dysfunction, use a knife to compensate for their lack of use of private parts, because both have been used to symbolically and literally penetrate the victim they would use said knife on. Not to mention the many new sex crimes one would invent in order to further enforce the law. Such as if one were to give another person Aids even by accident, it would be counted as murder since it's an incurable disease. Spreading other diseases would be a new form of assault. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if known terrorists such as Taliban and ISIS would up their game by dropping the chemical warfare in favor of cultivating all the known STDs in the lab due to it being counted as a crime so horrible that to use it would spread the fear. That being said, who would watch the watchmen. Surely the ones enforcing the law would probably put some kind of loophole or exemption that would prevent them from getting arrested should they themselves feel like F***ing to ease the stress of enforcing said laws. Meaning people are still gonna be having sex even if the law is against it. To make a long story short, banning sex isn't the answer. The only people that should be prosecuted are those that abuse their so called right to F***. Such as rapists, pedophiles, reproductive abusers and the like. More laws should be enforced on those specific crimes, not the act in general.

  • It's a part of life

    There are 100% no logical or scientific reasons that having sex is not allow in this world, even god didn't say we cannot have sex, because it's a part of life, I mean this is how humans interact with each other, know how to work together, and save the bloodline of mankind. So it's 100% legal, whatever is it.

  • We need to embrace the natural parts of ourselves!

    That is completely absurd. Sex is a completely normal and healthy part of life.
    Patriarchal society along with religion has demonized sex by making it seem as though it is some dirty thing that you can only do with one person in your whole life, which is so irrational. If you would like to know why priests abuse young children, you need look no farther than their unnatural vow of celibacy.
    The human body requires sex. The act of sex causes mental, emotional and physical release. It strengthens relationships. Not to mention, it creates new people (which is sort of essential to humanity!).
    Instead of demonizing sex, we need to stop making it out to be this secretive thing that only happens in the dark and just accept that it's natural, it's not dirty and that it's good for you. Only negative things will occur from going against nature.

  • Of course not.

    It would be irrational to ban sex, why use other methods of reproducing if we have the best method right at our hand and provided by mother nature? There is no social reason to ban sex or sexual behaviour as long as its legal. Perhaps if the question was further defined it would make more sense.

  • I Don't see how That Would Work

    Um would you like to be the last generation? Banning sex couldn't work because it's necessary for human reproduction. Besides, how would that ever be enforced without invading people's personal privacy? Or are we also banning that? I don't see how this could work at all. It could quite literally be the last thing people do!

  • Unless you feel like this being the last generation.

    Humans could be reproduced in a lab, at a ludicrous expense. But in essence, the human race would be over. Without bulk, we humans are nothing. We were pretty far down the food chain before we started clumping together 70,000 years ago, we're not going to survive if we're in minute numbers.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-08-17T13:27:57.090
Awesome idea. I've always wanted for the species to go extinct.