Should sex ed classes be expanded to be more LGBT-inclusive and gender balanced?

  • Yes, currently sex ed classes focus on the heterosexual male

    Yes, sex ed classes should be more LGBT-inclusive and gender balanced. Currently sex-ed classes provide very little information on female sexuality and even anatomy. Female masturbation and mentioning the function of the clitoris are often ignored because female sexuality is stilled viewed as dirty by our culture. LGBT sexuality is not even covered by most sex ed classes. It should cover what LGBT sex is and proper means of protection.

  • To a degree

    The LGBT community needs to stop being demonized and a good start to that would be to acknowledge that they too are people. I don't think a sex-ed curriculum needs to have a massive amount of time dedicated to it, but it is a topic that should be covered to make those in the class that identify with the community feel comfortable when so many are going out of there way to ensure that they aren't.

  • Yes, it should.

    It is very important for schools to include other sexualities and gender identities into sex ed classes, especially as more and more young people come into who they are and embrace that part of themselves. Homosexuality/bisexuality/etc. Needs to be touched upon because these are vastly different from heterosexuality and these kids need to be sexually educated as well about how to be safe. Gender identity needs to be taught as well, because it is important for all young adults to be informed about this so they aren't confused or ignorant and become misinformed by their parents or peers.

  • Sex ed classes should definitely be more LGBT-inclusive

    I believe that this is very important because it has never been taught at school, a lot of LGBT people grow thinking that they are wrong and a lot of LGBT people also end up having to use the internet to learn about LGBT sex ed when they shouldn't have to.

  • They should not be included.

    I mean, you'd just be wasting your breath trying to tell a bunch of 14 year olds about whatever the hell "trannies" are. Plus, no one really doesn't understand what gay/lesbian/bisexual means. I need more words for this shit so I'm just typing more words to fill this stupid quota.

  • We don't support libertines here.

    LGBTs are massive vectors of STDs, due to them sticking objects in things that aren't meant to have other things stuck in them. Apart from that, a vocal portion of the LGBT community is attempting to push their ideas as the only way in a lot of cases. I'd be okay with them if they aren't trying to ram their ideology down my throat every five seconds.
    As an asexual male, I literally don't care what they do. However, their methods of trying to reach more people leave a sour taste in my mouth, and as such, they deserve censure.
    Their souls are their own, so no skin off my back there.

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