• It definitely should

    I would assume most people on the opposing side of this are parents who wish to shelter their kids from such things. This is NOT acceptable. Every kid deserves to know the facts of life and how to be safe, regardless of how much of a right-wing whackjob their parents are. Its a public safety measure - many kids will have sex regardless of what their parents think of it, and it is best that they have the resources to have a safe, happy sex life for both partners.

  • Teach the kids safe sex

    Sex education NEEDS to be mandatory. And we need to expand on it. Sex ed should teach ways to prevent STIs, pregnancy, et cetera. When I went through sex ed, all we learned was how the male body changes. No word on safe sex. This is why teen pregnancy is so high.

  • Sex ed should be mandatory

    This is so that girls and guys cannot go to clinic and say that they do not know why they are pregnant or have an STI. Also, these classes should start in middle school and continue on through high school. This will allow students to understand their consequences of having unsafe sex. This may hep with the teen pregnancies and the spread of STIs.

  • Yeah. It should.

    I think it should be so that young people learn about it. In this day and age, sex is so common in the world(as unfortunate as it may be) and children and teenagers should be properly educated about STDs and important information. If they aren't educated properly, they might have unsafe sex.

  • Population and Transmitted diseases

    We all know how overpopulation is becoming a threat to this world.
    The problem increases for those countries which are developing.
    If this goes on like this then overpopulated countries will never be developed.
    On the other hand another major threat is STD s i.E. Sexually transmitted diseases which is highest in the age group of 17 to 27 since they are the most vulnerable to all this as most of the countries has there legal age of consent 18.
    Sex education will increase awareness among youths so they can enjoy there life and serve there nation to the best of there knowledge, instead of hiding sexual problems from there parents.

  • Yes. We definitely Should

    With the amount of teenage girls getting pregnant growing yearly, its really important to start teaching them proper ways to protect themselves. There are currently 800,000 - 900,000 girls getting pregnant a year in the United States. So it really is a must that we start teaching them proper ways of contraception, not just this fad of "pulling out".

  • Isn't it obvious!

    Teens at high school age are most sexually active and that is why they need to be taught about the effects of sex. I have two kids in my school that are pregnant and there was four and my school is a small school with like less then 500 kids in the high school. I think that it is wrong that there is no Sex Ed classes. We touch on it in health for like one chapter and that is it.

  • Teens and sex ed

    More teen moms should have been aware of the possibilities of sex before they try anything most parents dont care what there children do these days, should they be more aware as well, people are going out "having fun" when they want and they arent taking the time to realize what might happen

  • If children do

    Not want to learn about sex then why on earth should they be forced to? Similarly, if a parent does not want their child to learn about it then that is absolutely fine and any parent has the right to request that their child is taken to another room whilst this is going on.
    It was not that long ago that these classes even existed - the whole point is that you are mean tto find it out on your own anyway. Look, we're still here as a race! We've survived for millions of years without lessons!

  • No, it shouldn't.

    Sex ed doesn't exist, the class itself has been replaced by "Health" classes, which talk about wide range of topics. Ignoring this point, and assuming that a class purely about sexual education does exist, let's point out a few flaws in the arguments claiming that is important.

    Common argument:

    It's important to teach "kids" about STD's and STI's

    Refutation: This argument is based on the assumption that the population of children do not know about STD's, STI's, etc... The problem with this argument is as I mentioned, it's not an actual argument. It's an assumption. Most adults seem to lack any comprehension of the intellectual capabilities of children, especially due to the fact that since they were born, they've been basically taught kids are stupid. In fact, most kids are very much aware of these problems, let me tell you the actual truth about kids and STD's/STI's

    1) Kids are far less likely to obtain STD's and STI's. The reasoning for this is because kids are bound to a specific region in which they are born, while adults are not. Children who live in a specific region will not have STD's, as they are not born with them, and technically speaking, for a kid to get an STD, there must have been some child in the hierarchy that had sex with an ADULT that had an STD. In other words, if no kids outside a region are introduced into said region, than it is impossible for a child to obtain an STD without having sex with an adult who themselves has obtained it, and as explained before, it's impossible for a kid to just decide to "show up" into a region, as they are tethered to their parental guardians until they are no longer considered minors. Hence forth, the chances of a child obtaining an STD is very slim, of course this varies depending on the region they actually are in.

    2) Most kids are very much aware of what STD's and STI's are, and them having sex is NOT due to a lack of understanding, just as adults still have sex even though THEY are aware of what an STD / STI is. Adults claiming that kids need to learn what an STD / STI is from a sex ed class is actually a completely ignominious statement on their part, as the statement has no actual reasoning. There is no logical correlation. (Kids have sex --> STD's exist --> Kids need to learn what STD's are) This logical ignores so many other factors, the largest one being what I have already stated (kids already knowing what STD's and STI's are) Not to mention that STD's and STI's are used often as a scare tactic, rather than just as something important to be aware of.

    I'm running out of available characters, so those are just TWO factors out of many, and the second one is just as valid for the argument of pregnancy as well.

  • It should be a choice

    It should be a choice, parents have a constitutional right to have a say in their child's education. Also, students with religious beliefs should be able to opt out of the course because the first amendment gives the right to freedom of religion and speech. If classes are made mandatory, it is a violation of the first amendment

  • A disaster waiting to happen

    This topic should be reserved for the parents. Teachers have no business discussing a topic like this to their students. I would be a little lenient and say that it may be acceptable to warn against premarital sex, but leave it at THAT. Further discussion should be left to the parents of the students. The fact that students are more "active" at their age is absolutely no excuse to allow teachers to explain the full acts of sex.

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Haroush says2013-11-21T20:49:33.997
My comment is being moderated, but I was saying No as I have done before and that all this sex ed is doing is creating oversexualized generations. More people with fragile relationships and gender wars. It is also teaching kids to value sex over family values. It is just another manufactured epidemic being created in our society. By the way, gender wars results in higher rates of homosexuality.