Should sex ed classes encourage teenagers to wait until they are older and financially stable to have sex?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Responsibility is important.

    Children should not be encouraged to have sex. We need to stop supporting teenage pregnancies. Teenage pregnancies make life much more difficult for young girls. It is just not acceptable and should be argued against. Quit acting like encouragement of abstinence until you are older or married is somehow sex negative. Sex positivity doesn't mean go at it like rabbits and ruin your life. Sex positivity is waiting until you are older and responsible enough to appreciate the beauty of lovemaking and live an easier and happier life because you were knowledgeable and prepared.

  • Way Too Many Parents Are Not Ready to Have Children.

    In the US, There are many people who become parents, Who are not ready to become parents. For example, My neighbor had 2 kids when she was young and not ready to be a parent. She just wanted to party, And the father left the family when the kids were young. Now, The sons are crazy, Mean, Disrespectful drug addicts who should be in jail.

  • Gotta gettum why that young

    The best time to start having kids is between 16-17 years old, Never will there be a point in yhour life where you will be more of a indfependednt self sufoiceont provider of the environemtn to rtaise qa cvhild like a goiod fopsrert home is meant to do. Yes do now.

  • You need to teach teenagers about safe sex

    Many abstinence based sex educations will not even cover the basics of safe sex and options to prevent a pregnancy from occurring. They practically just fearmonger and hope the teenagers listen. That is the main reason why people may see abstinence encouraging sex education as "negative", It would actually increase teenage pregnancies for the teenagers who have sex anyway since they are not educated enough about safe sex. The bottom line is that teenagers are going to have sex whether you pester them against it or not, So we should prepare them. You may still teach about abstinence as it is the 100% preventive method against STDs and pregnancy, But never leave out education about safe sex for the teenagers who are going to have sex.

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