• Parents Don't Help

    In Europe. Strict sex ed had reduced the teenage birth rates. When we allowed our parents to take the reins, we allowed our teen pregnancy rates to go through the roof. You and I both that "wait 'til you get married." or "sex hurts." doesnt help. So many parents refuse to be open with their children and then society teaches them. Sex ed, when taught the right way, can reduce our nation's baby boom and STDs.

  • You can opt out.

    In Utah at least, sex ed is only one unit in a health class. Parents must sign a consent form to allow the unit, and can opt out of the unit or even certain lessons in the unit. You could just do something similar here, or could change graduation requirements to make it an elective instead of a required class

  • Sex ed is important

    It should, because children will not always be explained the "birds and the bees" by their parents. Some kids will be taught from porn and kids who are years older than them. You see how this can be a problem? If kids are just taught the regular "in and out" thing, then they may not learn the significance of other sexual things they may be doing, and they may not even be aware that what they are doing is sexual and society views that in a negative way.

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  • Not all parents agree with what is taught in sex ed

    To start not all parents agree with what is taught in sex ed. Even more dont agree with what social trends have to say about sex. Parents should be the ones who teach their kids that kind of stuff, not schools. If schools explained sex in social trends it is going to give some kids a complete different conception then what their parents want them to think.

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