Should sex education be a required course in all schools as early as 6th grade?

  • Certainly, maybe even earlier.

    I hit puberty in the 4th grade and a few friends did as well too. Most kids in my school hit puberty in the 5th grade, so this is already 1 or 2 years after everything has started. Those 1 or 2 years can be scary if a child doesn't know their body changes are normal, and children will often look online for answers to find out what's going on if nobody will tell them. It's better to have them learn it in school than on the internet, while the internet is accurate sometimes, it can often be incorrect. There needs to be more sex ed classes in school for the sake of the kids and less right-wing sheltering of children from knowing about normal body changes and their new sexual feelings. There needs to be more safe-sex teaching as well, such as about birth control and protection from diseases.

  • Sex ed in 6th grade

    I do think that kids need this class because they might not be comfortable with going to their parents to talk about it and most people dont understand that kids need to be taught this subject so they know when it does happen what they can expect thats my opinion

  • Children should be introduced to sex education at sixth grade

    First of all, sixth grade could be the great time for children to learn this subject. At this age, children start to have significant changes in their bodies. So they need to be equiped basic knowledge about these physical changes instead of letting them curious and know nothing at all.
    Secondly, some parents might feel that sex is sensitive matter so they don't want to talk with their children. So it is better for children to get the information about sex from school, from teachers. In this modern life, if children get curious about something, they will search on the internet or ask their friends.. There are too many dangerous if parents or school let them learn by themselves. Althought school and parents may have differents points about sex but at least, school can help children to get the basics things about what happen to their bodies, or how to practice safe sex and the use of protection

  • Sex education is just as important as normal school education

    Just as schools feel it is important to have an education they should also understand how difficult it would be to have a child and still have high school and college to go through. Educating them on why sex should not be their main focus right now instead of telling them to practice safe sex which is important as well but they can simply just be told to wait and be taught the dangers of it.

  • But not till Secondary School

    If things work the same way in America as they do here, 6th grade is the equivalent of year 6 where children are aged 10-11 years. I believe this is slightly too young for them to have Sex Education, as they would still be in Primary School and therefore well within the confines of childhood. However, once they start Secondary School (or High School) they are moving towards their teenage years, at which point Sex Education is not only important, but necessary. And it is VITAL that no details are excluded, including informing the pupils of contraception and non-heterosexual intercourse. Personally, I would say around 13 is the age children should attend Sex Education classes.

  • Sex education is important

    With sex ed classes being started by 6th grade children will continue to wonder about their bodies and start thing such as "experimenting" with the opposite sex. It's better they know everything rather than getting wrong information from a friend and online. This class should include use methods of contraception, abortion, STD's, and the importance of abstinence. I have 2 twin child, a boy and a girl, and they both have had small amounts of sex ed in 5th grade.

  • Sex education should be a required course in all schools as early as 6th grade.

    Sex education should be a required course in all schools as
    early as 6th grade. There are too many
    dangers associated with sex nowadays for us to let these children learn on
    their own. The sex education classes
    should only deal with the basics of sex education and the use of protection.

  • Sex ed should not be required.

    Parents should be the ones to teach their kids about sex, not the public schools. Many parents have many different views and the schools simply cannot accommodate all of them. However, as an optional course that the parents can approve I do not see it as a problem in public schools.

  • Sex ed should not be a required in school.

    The school is there to teach students things that will help them get a good career and education. They are not there parents and should not be required to give there views upon sex. Teachers and parents may have different views of sex. Parents don't want to have the "talk" with there kids but they also don't want there kids to tell them that they are pregnant. Students have a tendency to be stupid with out the pictures of STDs. Most health classes already require there students to watch videos of birth or to see pictures of STDs but yet teenagers are still hormonal and still having sex knowing the risks. What is sex ed class going to do? Show teenagers that they can't have sex which will result in teens being rebelious and that will cause more teens pregnant and more with STDs

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