Should Sex Education be compulsory in all schools?

Asked by: Zylorarchy
  • Teach me sex.

    When I was little I was fascinated by animals mating. So I tried on my brother when I was 5. We mated every day until I was about 20 and I had seven children and they are all amazed at my body. I wish people would give me more mating so please call me. But first I need to know what's hard about you ;) and how to beat your hardness into submission. This is why education in this respect is required. Mating is necessary for the survival of our race. Even if it is a 5 year old and 43 year old guy. Show the little girl how. She will probably love it.

  • Under age sex and teenage pregnancies (thus abortions) are at an unacceptable level.

    I was originally going to put this for UK schools, but think this should be open to everyone who lives in a nation where Sex-ed, is not compulsory. However, I shall be referring to Britain in my argument. As has the title.

    In the United Kingdom, we have more teenage pregnancies than any other European country which results in other 170 abortions EACH DAY for under 19s. I cannot remember specifically, but I believe statistically (I may be mistaken) roughly 40% of all 14 year olds in the UK have at LEAST engaged in oral sex.

    The average age of losing your virginity in Britain is BARELY 16 (15.9) and 35% of British boys have under age with 4 in 10 girls engaging in under age sex in England alone. A shocking 15% of teenagers in England FAIL to use contraception.

    I think I have made my point. It is no wonder we in the UK, have such high levels of teen pregnancies and an increasing number of STI's around. Sex education in other European countries has resulted in lower amounts of under age sex. Yet here, the House of Lords rejects such proposals with health 'experts' instead calling for the age of consent to be lowered to 15, some even say 14. Disgraceful!

  • All types of education are important, but especially education about topics that have relevance to many people's lives.

    Sex Ed is important because children need to know the concequences of their actions. They need to know that if they don't want to get pregnant or get an STD, they shouldn't have unprotected sex. Children need to learn about contraceptives, and the effectiveness of each one. Education can never hurt, even if the topic of sex is highly stigmatized in today's society.

  • I'm A Student, OK.

    I have to be honest...I didnt want to see a video of a woman's vagina while giving birth IN SCHOOL. It wasnt my choice and neither was learning about sex. It's disgusting, okay? And sex is not a top priority for some students in school. Take me for example. I'm 14 years old in 8th grade and did I know about sex? Yes. Then why do I need to know about it again? As far as other kids, if they DONT know their parents should be explaining, not their teachers. It's sick, not to any use, and to think that I got a grade for having to know this stuff is just plain stupid. I want every hour of my life wasted during this pointless unit, back.

  • No thay are not

    Not at all this should never ever ever evva evva be allowed in the schools never in the entire world okay right alright. Never allow this please this should never be allowed in schools especially arab schools in the middle east because it will cause rape and sex addiction. Yes.

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