Should sex education be made compulsory in school?

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  • Ignorance does no good.

    Schools don't introduce sex; sex is all around us and our children. It is the source of life itself. Children and adolescence need to learn about sex to protect themselves from both society, the media and their peers. If schools, religions and parents don't want to talk about sex then young adults will find other ways to discover it, regardless of how much you control their exposure to it. Their curiosity can lead to either researching pornographic sites,or experimentation, and can allow negative peer influence to take over. Many of these routes lead to spewed images of what sex is and what it does to pleasure the individual, rather than the meaning behind it. Responsible adults should inspire responsible adolescence and simply just brushing the issue underneath the carpet does no good to the growing individual.

  • To explain the downsides of sex

    We need to tell them about the sexually transmitted diseases. We need to teach them out the importance of sex and the meaning of it, its not there to just to have fun, you need to be in a committed relationship, and tell the facts about it, and not the teachers opinion. We need to stop teen pregnancies. We need to teach our children this.

  • Not everyone is responsible:

    Ignorance is not bliss. Some parents just do not explain certain things to their children. Maybe because they don’t want them to try things or think a certain way, however that is not the best way to teach a child important things that could change their lives. They should be taught morals in the home, what is right and wrong. However they should not be sheltered from how the world sees sex, violence, and other controversial topics.

  • Probably the best education a teen can have.

    While sex education really needs to be changed to be purely factual (in 7th grade, I was taught that sodomy leads to pregnancy), and that the teachers need to stop imposing their "no sex before marriage" morals on children and leave the choice to the kids, sex education teaches children about all of the different kind of contraception that is available to them, which can help decrease teenage pregnancies.

  • Sex is natrual and it exists why should teens be ignorant of what theyre bodies can do what good is that

    It is ery important topic to learn that every teen should be taught about we cant be ignorant of our own body sex is a natrual thing its the reason we reproduce learning about sex can help teens understand other things such consent diseases contreception ect that can help them for the better

  • To help them make wise choices.

    Some may think that there are condoms and all other things to protect them. Well there is a 99% chance that condoms are rarely protective. We can use them but are they really safe? It is something that they should look into and have you ever heard of that saying "Think before you speak"? Well in this case, it is "think before you act", because actions speaks louder than words. Your actions will benefit you and they will destroy you.

  • Don't ignore just face it...

    The only reason behind making sex education compulsory is If schools, religions and parents don't want to talk about sex then young adults will find other ways to discover it which may lead them to go in wrong path and allow negative peer influence to take over. We all know youngsters all keen to know about it so why to feel shy to talk about sex to them and to ignore this.

  • Its high time now..!

    Yes sex education should be made compulsory in India in schools. In our country , sex is still considered as Taboo. Children should know what is wrong or right. A teenager is more curious to know about all these things and there is no one to guide him not even his own parents. So it will be better if they understand the better prospect from schools only.

  • Children have the right to knowledge

    Sex happens. Most people have sex, and they need to learn about it from somewhere. Yes, not all parents or guardians want their child to learn about sex, but not all of them want their child to learn about evolution either. They shouldn't be allowed to prevent their child from gaining knowledge that they will almost certainly need one day.

    And yes the child can learn from other sources. I learnt more about sex from the internet and from books than school or my parents, but I knew about sex from a young age so I already had an idea of what I was looking for. Besides, there's every chance that kids, left entirely to their own devices, will either come across very age inappropriate or factually incorrect knowledge.

    I don't know why people seem to think that kids learning about sex will lead to higher rates of underage sex, STI's and teen pregnancy, because these things are usually (if not always) linked with lack of sex ed, or abstinence only sex ed, because if young people are having sexual thoughts or feelings, if they're experimenting with other people, any problems that people are worried would result would be greatly reduced if they've actually been taught about potential problems and how to avoid them.

    I'm surprised people struggle to understand that tbh. Sex ed doesn't encourage sex. Have you ever been sat in a sex ed lesson? They've never encouraged anyone I know to have sex, they're just (hopefully) informative and mildly entertaining.

    It's like saying watching the news will make people want to commit crime. It doesn't, but it's really important to watch so that you know what's going on and how you can protect yourself as best as you can.

  • Let it happen..

    Let it happen.. They are going to do it anyways Personally i think that its better for them to do it safely than to do it without knowing the impact or doing it without protection. They need to be educated about the different diseases out there that they can get from having sex and at the end of the day just let them BANG...

  • Sex education is wrong period.

    If all schools are going to do is encourage kids to have sex, then you will have more people with fragile relationships. Not to mention, unhealthy relationships. More people with sexual diseases and less people being able to have kids because they are going sterile due to contraceptives. Not to mention, more people will turn gay. Why? We will be harboring a sex crazed generation that only values sex and leaves everyone with little trust of the opposite sex.

  • Evidence, ancestry, options

    Evidence shows that ever since sex education was introduced, the amount of sex before marriage has increased. Some religions are completely against that, the last thing we need to do is to encourage it. Along with that, why introduce it now and force it to be mandatory? Some parents may not want their parents to participate in such an event, at least make it an option, not something mandatory. We're all here, the majority of the people have lived on this earth, reproducing without the need of sex education.

  • Hell No There Shouldnt

    You shouldnt be able to not let any sex or gender out of school and away from education. I am a girl and if anyone tried to not let me have education then there would be a bigger fight then the revolutionary war which went on for seven years lets repeat that SEVEN YEARS

  • It is not necessary

    We got on just fine for millions of years before sex education, and we will get on just fine without it in the future as well. All sex ed does is contribute to the sexualisation of children which is entirely detrimental to society. Look at society today - increased teenage pregnancies, increased levels of sex before marriage, increased STD's. All attributed to the sexualisation of minors. Sex ed contributes hugely to this, and so I don't think it should be allowed at all - it should just be outlawed for the sake of future generations.

  • Freedom of opinion

    Students are given electives to choose their own pathway, and should not have sex education impede their learning. Although sex education is important, the majority of students will consider it to be a useless subject, and will never require the things that they have learned in real life, much less in their future career pathways.

  • The government is not your parent.

    It is not the government's responsibility, or at least it shouldn't be, to raise children. It's far enough behind the rest of the world in just teaching the basics to children(25th in math, 17th in science, 14th in reading according to huffingtonpost.Com), why would I trust it to do a good job beyond that?

  • Certainly not..I could not trust a school educator as I could not trust a stranger on the street.

    What and who says, that states should control what your child is taught as far as sex education goes and what they are not. I would not like a stranger teaching my child, as they are no different to a stranger on the street coming from outside the family regardless qualified or not. This is socialism and abuse of a child's innocents taken from them. No it's a parents job. Compare 40 years ago to today...And states want more promiscuity sexual disease suicides and issues that children mentally cannot handle at such a young age. Hands off our children..

  • No No No

    It should not be the teacher's job to teach sex. That's what your parents are for. Schools are for teaching the three R's, plus science and social studies, and arts. Teaching 10 year olds about sex will just make them curious and want to try it out themselves. Thank you for hearing me out

  • Religions take offense to this

    It is not fair for a person to be forced to go against their religion to accommodate to a government mandate. If it's against a persons religious belief, they should not be forced to take a sexual education class because the government decided they "need" to. It is understandable to be worried for STD's and the other harmful things that come along with it, but America should not be allowing the youth of America to go against their religion to please the government.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Sex ed doesn't exist, the class itself has been replaced by "Health" classes, which talk about wide range of topics. Ignoring this point, and assuming that a class purely about sexual education does exist, let's point out a few flaws in the arguments claiming that is important.

    Common argument:

    It's important to teach "kids" about STD's and STI's

    Refutation: This argument is based on the assumption that the population of children do not know about STD's, STI's, etc... The problem with this argument is as I mentioned, it's not an actual argument. It's an assumption. Most adults seem to lack any comprehension of the intellectual capabilities of children, especially due to the fact that since they were born, they've been basically taught kids are stupid. In fact, most kids are very much aware of these problems, let me tell you the actual truth about kids and STD's/STI's

    1) Kids are far less likely to obtain STD's and STI's. The reasoning for this is because kids are bound to a specific region in which they are born, while adults are not. Children who live in a specific region will not have STD's, as they are not born with them, and technically speaking, for a kid to get an STD, there must have been some child in the hierarchy that had sex with an ADULT that had an STD. In other words, if no kids outside a region are introduced into said region, than it is impossible for a child to obtain an STD without having sex with an adult who themselves has obtained it, and as explained before, it's impossible for a kid to just decide to "show up" into a region, as they are tethered to their parental guardians until they are no longer considered minors. Hence forth, the chances of a child obtaining an STD is very slim, of course this varies depending on the region they actually are in.

    2) Most kids are very much aware of what STD's and STI's are, and them having sex is NOT due to a lack of understanding, just as adults still have sex even though THEY are aware of what an STD / STI is. Adults claiming that kids need to learn what an STD / STI is from a sex ed class is actually a completely ignominious statement on their part, as the statement has no actual reasoning. There is no logical correlation. (Kids have sex --> STD's exist --> Kids need to learn what STD's are) This logical ignores so many other factors, the largest one being what I have already stated (kids already knowing what STD's and STI's are) Not to mention that STD's and STI's are used often as a scare tactic, rather than just as something important to be aware of.

    I'm running out of available characters, so those are just TWO factors out of many, and the second one is just as valid for the argument of pregnancy as well.
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