• As a college student

    I see many of my peers still uneducated in sex but having plenty of it. When I did a health survey for the people at my college I found out that many of them did not have sex ed in their hometowns or that they were abstinence based programs. Amongst this group with little to no sex ed 98% of them were sexually active 76% were using contraception sometimes or not at all and a handful of students admitted to not knowing how to use different kinds of contraception and 2 out of every 5 students had an STD (that actually admitted to having one). This survey was astonishing to my health professor when compared to students who did have sex ed that 96% of students were sexually active, 1 out of 10 students had an STD and 86% of students said they use contraceptions all the time and that they did know how to use various ones properly. These results were so horrific that my health professor is meeting with the Dean of our college to discuss offering free sex ed seminars for students. Many of these students will not attend I'm sure because it is embarrassing as a college student to admit you don't know how to properly use a condom or birth control. I will simply put it at this: COLLEGE IS TOO LATE to start informing on sexual education. Majority of students are already sexually active, with proper information given in middle and high schools (not abstinence programs) we can prevent the STD crisis not just in American colleges but in America.

  • Children will know their own body and learn to take care of them.

    I'm a teen from India... And our population is like... Whoa!!! So, it happened because women were not educated and they did not know how to take care of their bodies. Men didn't know the risk of having sex with random people... For all they know they could get HiV!!! Women had 9-10 children... Basically they did not know that small family is a happy family. So, if children get sex education then our population would be controlled and on top of it people would know their bodie and how to take care of it.

  • Parent-Child Communication Issues (less likely in schools)

    I think another big advantage of making sex education compulsory in schools is the issue of parent-child communication. Many parents have admitted that they find talking about sex and educating about it very uncomfortable in front of their children, as well as some parents not have the prior scientific knowledge, and some may even avoid it altogether. Children also face this problem, many children find it much easier to speak to people who are unrelated and, because of this also being a compulsory subject, every child in the country would have knowledge on how to practice safe sex, the consequences of many sexually transmitted diseases, and also the consequences of underage sex. Because at the moment it is not compulsory, not everyone has knowledge because of lack of education from parents, and this at the moment has lots of negative effects that could be greatly reduced if everyone was educated.

  • It should be apply in the society

    I'm as teenager in Indonesia need sex education because we still unstable to choose which one is right and which one is wrong. Let's make it simple with an analogy if we don't know right a way in a place sure we need direction, right?. It is related with this cases. So, if the cases exist in the society exactly in schools it will be beneficial for teenager as next generation of their country. So what waiting for? Let's make it happen!

  • Sex Education tends to reduce abortion and problems with sex

    Sex education is of utmost importance. In many ways, it is more important than arithmetic and science. This is because many young kids will have sexual experiences on their own in an attempt to learn. There should be no fear or "awkwardness" in teaching sex education to children, as a form of prevention.

  • As a Teen

    I, for one, am extremely thankful to have had a wonderful health teacher in high school and believe that everyone should be educated about sex, STI/STDs, contraception, how to say 'no', and definitely how to protect yourself in case you find yourself in danger of rape. If students are going to be forced to sit through mandated Algebra 2 that they won't ever use out in the real world, then they sure as hell should be forced to sit through sex education. Everybody has sex, its just one of those side effects of life, just like depression is a side effect of pretty much every over the counter pill invented. I consider it a horrible crime that people today are still SO uneducated, its disgraceful and obviously hazardous to every one because pregnancy along with STD/I rates are so high. Ignorance is bliss until you're pregnant.

  • Parents won't, so schools should

    By keeping this taboo on sex and sex education, we're instilling a strong sense of sex guilt in youth. This guilt will ultimately lead to them not being prepared for sexual encounters - because, they will have sex at some point. This lack of preparation means more unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancies and STI's. Ignorance is never the answer, and should definitely not be used as a means to deter youth from sexual activity or to protect their 'innocence'

  • As a Teen

    Im a teen in america and we not all just having sex but the ones that do dont seem like they are educated in the manner. I have classmates that have to give up there future our a baby and some that have got STD's WE NEED HELP! Think if ones of these class mates was your child.

  • It's better to learn in school than to learn after it happens, when it's too late.

    I think sex education should be taught in school because if not taught in school they may learn about it somewhere else, negatively. I learn about sex in school: now I know that I should wait until the time is right to have sex. I think children should be taught sex education before it happens: like getting sweet talks and ending up pregnant or being a father that cant even take care of himself.

  • Its an important to know the basics

    Kids need to learn the basics of sex education, STD, pregnancies, and contraception. Now I am not saying that they should be given contraceptive devices without parental knowledge but learning more about sex and the consequences of sex will probably lead to a drop in the teen pregnancy rate. Parents need to face the facts that their children need to learn about sex and not just hope that their precious child will never want to experiment.

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  • This is a violation of rights.

    Even in school today, we can see the slips of paper sent home with out junior high students. The box stated "If you do not want your child to partake in this activity, please sign this form and have the child return it to the teacher." Mandating that all students partake in a course/unit that the individual or parent may not be comfortable with perusing can be considered a violation of personal and parental rights.

  • It should be an option

    I do think it's important for schools to have sex education in schools, but I believe it should be optional to the student and or parent! Some kids already know enough because their parents are the ones informing them, so why take it in school and hear the same things all over again?

  • no

    It scares children and the parents should do it because they know when the child is really to learn about that subject.
    It should not be a subject until high school but some elementary schools are teaching it to the grade sixth and grade seven. Also what is the point of teaching them in school because then they know how to have sex and they might do it when they're 16.

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