Should sex education be part of the curriculum for children attending school?

  • From a 7th grader

    I was only taught sex ed once in elementary, right before i entered middle school. That's right, elementary. And, the thing is, despite only being in middle school, this needs to be taught. People go through changes around now, so why is it not being taught? >.< People get suspended for kissing in hallways, well why not teach them about the dangers of everything, including what happens during sex. I personally know enough to think that others need to know, since they seem not to have a freaking clue. It's idiotic.

  • Yes, school should be made up of subjects that students need in real life.

    Too many courses center around archaic subjects like Shakespeare or specialized subjects like chemistry that not every student will need in real life. Instead, these courses should be electives and courses that students really need to know about that pertain to their lives, such as sex education and finances, should be mandatory.

  • Yes, sex education results in fewer diseases and unwanted pregnancies

    Sex education should be taught in every school across the world. By teaching adolescents about safe sex, diseases are less likely to spread as people understand what these diseases do to a person and how they can be avoided. Abortions and unwanted pregnancies are less frequent as women know when they are more likely to get pregnant and how to use precautions to avoid becoming mothers too soon.

  • Sex education is vital for students.

    Sex education, as it pertains to procreation, the possible outcomes of sex and how to protect against diseases should be taught in school. These aspects of sex do not address or pertain moral values or religious believes. Those elements of sex should be left to parents to discuss with children as they believe.

  • It is important to educate children about their changing bodies.

    Children get confused about the changes in their bodies, minds and hormones as they go through puberty. It is important to educate them about the changes they are either going through or about to go through, so they will be better prepared to understand how to react to the changes responsibly and make wise decisions.

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