Should sex education be taught at anytime before high school?

  • Because why not

    I am God I do what want I am what I want and if i want a group of idiotic high schoolers to learn about sex they will! Go fuck yourself you stupid cunt piece of shit looking like a ass I would fuck in jail loose and stupid I mean by the gods you fucking pussys!

  • They need their innocence preserved

    Children are not supposed to be taught this. Jesus said it was wrong. Jesus is always right... Children should stay innocent and keep playing with legos and whatnot. Jesus is our saviour. Read the Bible, you'll see who's right here. This debate is over. Jesus won. If you believe it is right, you should review your priorities...

  • As a teen myself...

    I believe it is important to have someone go and explain all the things that come along with having sex and what can come about with having multiple partners as well. When I was in school I never had sex education so my parents had to explain it to me. Many parents don't take the time and have the sex talk with their children. Teens should be aware of the diseases they can have and the chances of becoming young parents.

  • There shouldn't even be an debate about this...

    Most kids already know about sex in primary school before its even taught and although they dont know all the details, they know a such thing exists. So why not teach them about it? The dangers and things that could happen, have you seen how the teen pregnancy rate is increasing year by year? They might find it had to process in their minds, but atleast if they remember the disadvantages it could prevent them from taking the wrong path. So yes it should be taught. Obviously not to children in year 2, but year 5 and onwards.

  • Teach in MS

    I heard a report that kids are having sex before they get sex education. I find this to be a bad thing, because if you are having sex, you need to be aware of the variety of consequences, and the ways to help prevent those consequences. Some kids might not know you could die from having sex once. They should.

  • Yes, I support it

    What can be done to reverse the head-long plunge into complete moral decadence? Those who run our schools believe the answer lies in teaching our children about the sexual functions of their body from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Are they right? No! Knowledge does not restrain teenagers, and those younger, from engaging in sexual activity. Many naive parents and educators think that if girls and boys are taught how pregnancy occurs that this will keep them from engaging in the act that produces pregnancy. Baloney! The teaching of sex education courses has greatly increased in schools all over this land and, as we have seen, sexual activity among teenagers has greatly increased, as well. But, we are told that what we need is more sex education. How foolish can we be?

    We find this statement in Planning Stages For Sex Education Unit In The Elementary Schools, "Children become desensitized quickly and become very comfortable discussing the subject matter in a few days." Do you know what this means? We are told that it is good and wholesome for children to talk as freely about their reproductive organs as they would their hands and arms. Do you want your child to discuss his, or her, genital organs with other children without any shame or embarrassment? Do you think it is healthy for children to talk to members of the opposite sex about their reproductive organs without any hesitancy or modesty? If you answer "No" then you need to stop sex education courses from being taught. Many sex education courses turn out to be an exercise in destroying the conscience, modesty, and morals of our children.

  • Yes, Teens don't know the dangers of unprotected sex.

    I have had students come to me and tell me they didn't know they could get pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease the first time they had sex. They don't know that they could have birth control or a condom until somebody talks to them about it. Even if they are having sex, they still don't know what they can do to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Yes Kids Need to Know the Consequences

    Kids will experiment with their sexuality whether they receive sex ed or not. Sex ed will lower teen pregnancy and STD transmission. Sex ed is also important so that kids will make more educated decisions about sex, rather than what they hear from their friends. We need to educate kids about sex.

  • Yes sex ed should be taught before high school.

    Sex is evident in just about everything we see and hear. Children see kissing, talk about babies, and sex in cartoons and other kids shows, commercials, and in music. If we do not start early, then the world will teach them the wrong things. I believe this will spark more questions in the youth, but that doesn't mean don't tell them, that just means keep teaching them. This may also put a curve on teen pregnancy, STD's and HIV.

  • Yes, Teens Don't Know What they're getting themselves into.

    Many kids now a days are beginning to have sex at an early age and its a shame because that's why we have all these little girls at the age of 12 becoming moms. Kids need to understand that sex isn't all about fun and pleasure. They need to realize that if you aren't careful there are consequences such as becoming a teen parent when your not ready as well as the many STD's that can be transmitted! They should be informed of how to stay protected if you are going to be sexually active to avoid any bad experience. Also it would help them understand more about what's happening in their body and they can ask questions. Getting the proper education will also give these kids better knowledge instead of believing every myth they hear.

  • No

    It's a bit young to put that information in their head. Once you teach it is when they'll find out about it. It's not like they would have sex before their taught since their young and wouldn't understand yet. I vote no, they shouldn't learn it early, it just provokes their interest.

  • I am completely against it!

    First of all these kids are too young and phys ed teachers would basically be pushing them into trying sexual activities not mentioning all the sexual transmitted diseases we would be exposing them into. If teachers want to teach this subject they obviously need the parents consent which many don't have. Many students have different religions which means everyone has different points of views towards sex, meaning that parents should be the ones held responsible to teach their children about sex. We would basically be contaminating their brains at such a young age! These children are immature and would probably want to experience sex, they are too small for this...

  • Not at all

    This is wrong in all ways. Most kids who take sex ed in high school are still too young and immature. Why would we even consider contaminating even younger minds at an earlier age? It would be just another reason for kids to move ahead of their age, they already do drugs and drink and smoke cigs at an early age so why push sex on them too? Thats just asking for a lower teen pregnancy age.

  • This is wrong.

    Sex Ed before high school is absolutely not okay. Not only are they starting way too early & teaching way too much, most schools are not sending home parental permission slips. In junior high, my class had some health dept. ladies come in and teach all about condoms and PP and HIV, etc., but, a week prior, they sent home a form to parents detailing what the class would teach & had them sign off to permit the child to be involved. THIS is okay. Requiring children to know the male/female anatomy, what HIV is, where to get condoms, etc., by fifth grade? Absolutely wrong. Parent communication/permission should be required.

  • No

    No. The teaching of sex in schools has led to the total corruption of children in many communities. When you teach sex, no matter how good the intention is, you create an interest and curiosity in children. Teaching sex to children is as good as advertising it. Ever since sex was taught in schools there has been an increase in teen pregnances and child sex. They better see no evil and hear no evil.

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Anonymous says2013-05-09T15:20:28.893
It should be taught around elementary years becuase there are middle schoolers having sex and getting pregnant. Thats crazy!!!