• Dear people who think that teaching about a natural event is 'sexualizing' kids,

    I'm here to kindly say that you are incorrect. As middle school rolls around, Children are starting the magical journey of periods and hormones. They'll start becoming sexually active soon, And nature does what nature wants. If the middle school group happens to be the unlucky one that starts feeling sexual attraction, Then that's probably when you should put some early info into their heads before they start actually having sex. Also, The internet is going to 'corrupt' them anyway. Instead of keeping quiet about it, It's better to tell them, "Hey, Sex isn't a horrible, Taboo thing to know about, You're normal for knowing about it. "

  • Yes It should be allowed

    As a middle schooler, everyone talks about sex. This why we could control this and so sex could be safer. Then people won't use it in bad ways. Sex-ed will help middle schoolers every single day. Some kids are also sexually active in middle school. Some masturbate. This is why Sex-ed should be allowed.

  • Kids need to know how it works

    Like everything that we've made taboo, sex happens every day between high schoolers and even sometimes among middle schoolers. It's a good age to teach them consequences and best practices to have sex safely. Since they're going to do it whether it's taught or not, it's only beneficial to teach them the lay of the land at a time just before they are likely to engage.

  • Sex Education Needed in Middle School

    A basic form of sex education is recommended in middle school. Without a doubt, students need to start learning about their bodies and the consequences of sex at a young age. Otherwise, they might grow up and make some huge mistakes that are completely avoidable with this basic knowledge about sex.

  • Yes they should

    I definitely think that sex education should be taught in middle school. It is important to teach kids at that critical age about sex whether or not they are ready for it. Kids needs to be educated about sex before it happens so that they can be prepared and make good safe choices.

  • Yes, middle school students need that information.

    Yes, sex education should be taught in middle school, because by middle school, young people need to know that information. For some, sexual behavior starts around that age, and students need information in order to be able to make good choices. It is also a good time to educate young people on dangerous behaviors.

  • Just as Teens Start to Get Hormonal

    Middle school is the perfect time to start teaching sex education. That's the age when kids start to get hormonal as they begin to gradually turn into adults. Initially, sex ed should be the basics until high school. Then, more concepts can be introduced such as homosexuality, orgasm, and the like.

  • Yes early education is key

    Yes sex education should be taught in middle school. Getting the information out there early may help some students make smarter choices in the long run. You don't wait to teach drug education until drugs are already part of life so sex should not be any different. Sometimes education is prevention

  • Yes, as some children are sexually active during this time

    I believe that middle school is the right time for children to be taught sex education because some of them are already sexually active. This will teach them about sex if they choose to be active and will hopefully prevent unwanted pregnancies. This will also keep the poverty rate in America down as statistics show that teenage parents are more likely to raise their children in poverty stricken environments.

  • Stop destroying kids futures!

    No More Sex Education!!! People say that this is good for understanding their bodies. But NO! Sex ed causes so much drama behind the scenes. Kids are immature, and they will let their curiosity search all over the adult internet. It will influence their lives negatively in the future. Look at the middle schoolers around you. Until they take sex-ed, they are positive, after, they seem to make more negative jokes more often. I don't understand the reason kids need to take sex ed when there is another choice. When the kids' correct time comes, and their parentals think the kid is mature enough, their parents can tell about their body. Personally, I had negative impact with this in the past. While I was taking sex ed in 6th grade, my friend wasn't able to take it due to strict parenting. She got jealous, started hacking computers and accounts, to scare me for revenge, and so that she can watch porn, or what she thought as what we were watching in class. Two years later, she became obese and turned her life negatively. She became a told "popular" girl, and started to tell many inappropriate jokes, and now, she has the image of "cool" being "slacking off." Her grades dropped severely after that, and her clothes became very in-decent, and I had no choice but to unfriend her. On top of that, 2 of her other friends had to move away, and the other is not depressed for her one friend being "popular." To conclude, Sex ed messes up your life, and is not needed.

  • Stop sexualizing kids!

    No, no, and no! Stop sexualizing kids, stop pushing them into adulthood when they are not ready for it! Kids should be kids. They need to play, read, explore the world and NOT worry about what's "sexy". This word has replaced "pretty", "nice", "beautiful"... It sounds stupid and disgusting in the mouth of a little kid.

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