• Sex education should be minimal

    I believe that sex should be held realistically. But, and I say this with reserve, it should be taught in the context and in conjunction with a responsible attitude of it's proper usage and place in marriage. Healthy attitudes about marriage should also be emphasized. Perhaps if this was done with more idealism and less pragmatism we would see less erosion concerning the family unit.

  • You can't rely on parents for something so crucial.

    A majority of parents are too uncomfortable to talk to their children about sex in a timely manner, provide emotional or angry admonitions and not facts, or are misinformed about the facts themselves.
    And "abstinence only sex education" is a proven failure- it yields nothing but MORE STDs and teen pregnancy than the groups who receive comprehensive sex education.

    Comprehensive sex education is, along with available reliable contraception, the ONLY proven way to reduce the levels of pregnancy and STDs. Children receiving complete and FACTUAL sex education is one of the best things you can do to ensure their health.

  • Should be necessary

    There are two reason why i think sex education should be taught in public schools. The first is that trying to hide sex from children won't reduce the amount of unprotected sex teenagers have. What will reduce that is teaching students about safe sex from the beginning! The second reason is that i think there's a nasty stigma on sex in this country and we try to hide it from kids. We, as a nation, need to become more comfortable with sex and not try to "protect" children from it.
    *when i refer to children, kids, or students i mean 11 or 12+

    Posted by: WSB
  • Kids needa know

    Look little kids, you kneed to learn how to masturbate, and make kids. You should know this stuff by thirteen. Start fuckkin by sixteen. The establishment is tryna stop you from havin sex; don't let em. Have dem kids n get dat pussay. Or get dat thicc dicc if yo into that

  • Yes i think that sex education should be taught in school!

    I am a sexually active teen myself and even I find myself without much knowledge about sex. Personally I think all aspects of sex should be taught, including teen pregnancy, ways to prevent pregnancy, what is true and false about sex, consequences and I think even rape should be a matter taught about. Teens can easily act upon their hormones but they don't actually always know exactly what they are doing and what can happen.

  • Very much so!

    Abstinence only education should never be taught and there is no evidence that out does anything, but cause students to tune out the teachers. There needs to be a standard of education and parents have been deemed ill-equipped to deal with this challenge alone. They tried that. Comprehensive sexual education is best. STD and contraceptive education alone accounts for 3/4 of the drop in STD's and unwanted pregnancy.

  • Yes it should.

    Sex education should be taught in public school. There are too many young people today who are getting pregnant young, and getting STDs. This is because they did not get the proper education from their parents, and having sex education in public school would help combat these type of issues.

  • You oughta know

    Abstinence only education is ridiculous. People are going to be experimenting with sex and eventually having it whether you like it or not, and if parents won't do it, it's up to schools to teach children and teenagers about safe sexual practices and how to avoid predatory sexual contact or harassment from another person.

  • Sex Education Needed in Public Schools

    Public schools often do teach sex education, and there's no reason they shouldn't. Young people need to know about sex along with its dangers and purpose. A child that isn't properly informed will likely make dangerous mistakes in their lifetime. Sex education is the key to preventing various problems today.

  • Yes it is part of education

    Sex education should be taught in public school. In order to be a mature adult students need to learn sex education to help them make the best decisions in life. They may not have any other outlet of education for it so it is important to keep it in the public schools

  • Such a bad idea

    I live in Britain, and they teach sex education to children in Primary school (Under-11's). I think it is horrendous idea. When they reach comprehensive age (11+) then the children can get taught, as it more acceptable and they understand the concept sex better. What is the point to teaching to under 11's? Sex is a natural thing, young children don't need to be taught 'how to do it'.
    I also believe that it will lead to more underage pregnancies, because sex seems to be encouraged right from a young age.
    To be honest, it is a waste of school as they don't need to be 'taught' sex. I think it will also increase the numbers of teenage pregnancies. Children ought to be taught more useful skills, than having sex.
    I can't think of one good thing about teaching young kids in school about sex!

  • In sex education, you can tell students about safe sex but you can't tell them not to have sex.

    Thinking about proper sex, students will be inclined to try having sex. It becomes their belief that sex before marriage is okay because there is safe sex that would lead to pregnancy. By just hearing the word "sex," these emotionally not ready students will think that they should try sex because they want to apply what have been taught to them at school. Subsequently, the whole society will generally accept pre-marital sex. It has been long established that it is the natural inclination of human beings that they will learn about sex at the right without actually forcing them to learn.

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