• I believe school should teach sex education

    I believe school should teach sex education as a teenager and a yr 12 student i'm doing a research project as one of my topics and i asked this exact same question and i'm speaking for all the teens out there i believe when your child reaches high school they should get taught sex education i know every mother out there doesn't want to think about there child having sex or they don't feel like the need of having some other person talk about this topic but it has to happen or they can get them selves into trouble and put themselves at high risk. Some teens feel uncomfortable talking to there parents about sex or parents don't want them having sex at a specific age so they feel the need to know yet, but that when your kid starts lying,going behind your back, sneaking out at night etc

  • Sex education should be taught in school

    Girls particularly are under so much pressure and many boys are accessing violent and sexist porn where girls are not respected. The pleasure is focussed on the make and is not the see that a girl would want in many cases, girls want to fit in and find it hard to speak out. We have a responsibility to them to allow them to know the truth and for damaging messages from porn to be addressed. We are not protecting our girls and this has been a long time coming.Please do the right thing before more young people are damaged with for many long term negative consequences

  • It certainly should, let me tell you why.

    Considering the fact that you can opt your children out of the sex-ed phase of health class, i don't see why anyone else should have a problem with this. Many ADULTS aren't responsible with teaching their kids this stuff, so the school should be able to teach children who aren't specifically pulled out by their parents.

  • Learn With Their Peers

    I believe it is important for schools to teach sex education. Sex education can contain a number of small topic from anatomy, pregnancy, and hormones. I think these are all important topics that children should learn about and I think it is great that they can learn it in a common setting, along with their peers.

  • Yes it is necessary in schools

    Sex educaiton is very important in schools. Many teenagers are going to give into desire and experiment as they grow older. Without education they will not know what to do and will be very careless which can lead to issues. If they have the education they can make better decisions in their life.

  • Sex education should be taught in school.

    When children start to become adults, they also start to look for answers about their bodies. If trained professions are not able to answer these questions for them, they will look to the Internet, which is full of biased ideas an pornography. Kids need to learn about sex from teachers and not on their own.

  • Sex education should be taught in school.

    Sex education should be taught in school. Without sex education, our children would be in danger. I think we should teach them everything they should know about it to prevent the bad things associated with it from happening. If we educate our children then they will be prepared to face it in the real world.

  • Yes, sex education should be taught in school.

    Sex education is the one place where children are able to learn safely and effectively about sexual health issues. If sex is kept taboo as a topic of discussion, children get information about it from suspect sources, and they are frequently misinformed. Research indicates that abstinence-only education programs do nothing to curb teen pregnancies or sex-related illness. Children need to be educated about sexually transmitted illnesses and proper condom use in order to protect their health.

  • Sex education should be taught in school

    I believe sex education is very important and should be taught in school. This is because teens, going through puberty, need to know about their body changes as well as sexual experiences in sex education. This will inform teenagers to make better decisions and may even lower chances of underage pregnancies and the transfer of STIs.

  • Abstinence until marriage should be taught in schools

    Students should not be having sex, for any reason, thus sex education should not be taught without the message of abstinence until marriage. It is good that students should be taught the basics of sex at school, however should never be provided with "safe sex" tools such as condoms or birth control. Sex at marriage is intended to yield children. Condoms and birth control should be taught to students as strictly birth control, not "safe sex". This spreads the idea that sex is generally safe, while the reality is that birth control and condoms don't make sex safe. A child should not be provided with this propaganda, but should be taught that sex is for intimate couples, who are married or at least will be, rather than "Young people will be promiscuous anyway, so we might as well teach them about "safe sex." Young people should be taught the values of marriage in school.

  • Sexual education should be taught at home by quincy lalone

    So according to the very first yes it states"girls are not respected"well that may be some of the truth but some parents would step up to the plate and tell there daughter or son no your not going out or intehing like that we woudent have this porblem in this sourt and this sex ed class cause lots of strees on the teens want to no why becase you got them wantting to do what you say not to and wene some of you parents

  • Sexual education should be taught at home.

    Schools need to stay out of family life. A education should consist of reading, writing, math, gym, social studies, and science. Elementary age schools need to stay out of the other subject material. It is a parents responsibility to teach their children about sexual education just as it is a parents responsibility to teach their children family values. Schools need to stay out!

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