• For Kids 12 and up

    They need to know this stuff. Prude parents say they are too young or they do not have to know. Thing is, if ypu are not going to tell them, who will? It comes in hand, if your child has been sexually abused, then they know what to do. If some religious people believe it encourages sex, the they are completely wrong. In fact they teach abstinence.

  • Teach Them All

    I do believe that sex education should be compulsory for all children. I think it would be far better to teach it to all children in an all encompassing fashion, along with other health related topics. Children need this information and I don't see any reason to let some slide through the cracks.

  • A truly necessary education

    There are those who believe that sex education goes against their religious beliefs and preferences, and that is acceptable - but if they are not going to be willing to teach their children about the reality of sexual behavior and all of the accompanying risks, nobody is going to. And there is only so much responsibility that parents are going to have over their child's behavior. If a child is convinced, coerced, or peer pressured to engage in sexual activity, it is more likely that they will be doing something against their express will if they're not aware of what they're going to do. Sex education is NECESSARY. Period.

  • Only From Middle School Onward

    Yearly sex education classes should be compulsory for students from ages 12 and up in public schools. The reason is that education and knowledge equal power in today's society. If kids know what happens before, during and 20 years after sex, they might decide to wait until they are young adults with viable jobs before having extremely active sex lives.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe that sex education should be covered at some point between fifth and twelfth grade. I am not so much worried about when it happens, just so long that it happens. I feel like fifth grade may be too early and twelfth grade may be too late, so I think a healthy medium could be agreed upon for a consensus.

  • No, sex ed for kids shouldn't be compulsory.

    I do not think that sex ed for kids should be something that has to be mandatory. I think that some kids can benefit from such a program, while others do not. I think that it shouldn't be something every kid has to learn in school. I also think parents should have a choice about it.

  • Not until high school

    I do not think sex education should be taught for students until they reach some point of their high school career. I personally feel that is just about the right age that young people will begin to be more sexually active, and that is when the sex ed class should come in.

  • No, it should be a parent's choice.

    No, sex education for children should not be compulsory, because sex education is a sensitive topic, and parents have many differing opinions about what is appropriate. Children these days are not lacking for information. Parents should have the option to decide what is appropriate for their children to learn and when.

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