• People go overboard

    People go to far when it comes to sex games and there’s games where it turns into some pretty nasty unacceptable stuff And people are gonna think it’s okay just because it’s “art”. If it didn’t go into all the nasty stuff (no I don’t mean regular sex with a women) I mean by stuff that’s unacceptable by society then yeah it would be ok.

  • Just another thing to base fiction on

    If we're talking about those weird porn games floating round the internet, then I see no problem with them. It's just another thing to base a fictional work on. Doesn't make it wrong or immoral, just based on something that isn't touched upon much when it comes to video games.

  • I thought sex is already a sport.

    It is fun, competative, and it is good exersize. If sex was made into an olyimpic sport then I would practice very hard so I could represent my country and my team in Los Angeles in 2022. Imagine all the sponsorship the teams could have. It would be really awesome.

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