• I think they should fix some of those laws

    One of my friends is considered a sex offender because he had sex with a 17 year old who was willing... I don't think that should be considered as having sex with a child... I believe in naming sex offenders after laws are fixed so that people can protect themselves. I honestly don't believe you can fix REAL sex offenders, like pedos, rapist, etc - like people who use alcohol to knock chicks out and f*ck them should be named, people who use physical force should also be named... And people who f*ck 17 year olds that were willing shouldn't be considered a sex offender.

  • Should sex offenders be named and shamed?

    The Registry is a tool for the public to access for information to find out who has been convicted of sexually based crimes. The description of crimes are very self explantory and contrary to the posters who voted NO (which also happen to be members of multiple Pro-offender groups ) the majority of offenders have some very heinous crimes under their belts. This "Debate" is oriented and distributed by the Sex offenders and or their families which is not a representation of societies opinion. But these groups doing what they do will use it as some "bookmark" to heighten their stance on the abolishment of the registry. Truth be told, the mad dash to abolish the registry is due to the fact the majority of registrants can never petition OFF the registry due to the horrendous nature of their crimes..

  • They did it Once what to say they won't do it again

    Yes, they did their time and have already been punished but their is no certainty that they won't do it again. If these offenders are named and shamed into to community then everyone will know where they can avoid and who they need to watch out for. Yes they have families and its unfair for them but to be completely honest its the offenders fault and not the public. Naming and shaming these people is a way to protect the community from a person who has no way of certifying that this crime will not be repeated.

  • In my opinion sex offenders SHOULD be named and shamed

    Why? For example, sex offenders should register their names, addresses, etc, to the police and government so that they could warn other residents to watch out for those sex offenders. In return, this would embarrass the offenders who would be isolated from the rest of society, thus saving people trouble from ever having to face such traumatic experience ever again.

  • Do you people not have children?

    Just as the parameters of assault are ridiculous (simply laying your hand on someone), some on the registry could have been named for something that shouldn't be considered a sex offense. The parameters should be adjusted but literal pedophiles-as in adults who have sex with young children-should absolutely be searchable. As a mother, I wouldn't want to live near a pedophile or hire someone to work in or around my home if they are sick like that. In fact, I don't understand why they get out of jail so damn quickly anyway.

  • Depends on what happened

    If a sex offender is named that's there fault. But if someone is named and its not for good reason then the person should not be named. If someone is a rapist then they should be named and shammed by everyone that has been faulted by him or her. So yes

  • Yes but with Limitations

    Everyone against the registry is only talking about how it hasn't changed the number of offenses since its been around. But who said that preventing it from happening is the only purpose for it being around? I understand that those convicted and considered to be a sex offender should recieve some type of protection or privacy but at the same time people who not only have to look out for themselves but also their families have the right to know. Who exactly their placing them selves around. And yes not all sex offenders are repeat offenders, but that doesn't mean they aren't any.
    But as said there are some people who are labeled as a sex offender for something as little as being intoxicated and peeing on a side walk. But that's why i think that yes they should keep the registrt for all to see. But it should be that it tells you a vague description of what exactly the person did the be consider an offender. No details just a short bland description so if its for sexting, indescnt exposure or rape. People can atleast see that the offense might have not been that serious. And also how long ago their last offense was that way people can see that if it was 8yrs or what ever ago they might be less prejudice towards the offender. And if it was recent they can avoid the offender. It might not help the offenders that much more with their lives after already being convicted and doing their time for it. Honestly I do believe people deserve second chances, even sex offenders (who've changed their ways) but again people should be able to know if their dating, living with or around an offender. But it shouldn't be just for sex offenders.

  • They chose to hurt innocent people.

    Sexual offenders have been proven to be one of the most manipulative groups of criminals. In jails they are seen as worst than murders so why should we let them return to their lives as normal people? As a victim of one since age 12-17 I'd do anything possible to prevent others from experiencing what I did. Offer the public the safety of knowing who is around them and those they love.

  • They chose to hurt innocent people.

    Sexual offenders have been proven to be one of the most manipulative groups of criminals. In jails they are seen as worst than murders so why should we let them return to their lives as normal people? As a victim of one since age 12-17 I'd do anything possible to prevent others from experiencing what I did. Offer the public the safety of knowing who is around them and those they love.

  • Yes, sex offenders should at least be named

    It's sad some of the less violent sex offenders, specifically teenagers who were charged (even though the "victim" gave consent), are grouped with the straight-up nasty scum who have molested/raped children. But. On most registries, the date that they were convicted and their age are given, now, by doing some simple math, you can see how old they were when they committed the crime, and you can usually make some assumptions about what happened based on how old they were when they sexually offended someone.

  • Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

    I have been labeled a sex offender for my actions. About 6 years ago I sexually assaulted a child. I harmed her and affected her for life. This offense not only harmed her but it also harmed and affected her family. Many others were affected too.

    I do believe people should be punished for their actions and should be given the help they need to change their lives to minimize the chance of re-offending. I am currently on probation for 15 years. A requirement of probation it to participate in therapy. Therapy has been a huge help for me. I am no longer the same person that committed that horrible crime. I still have improvements to make but I am willing to make them. My therapist has said that I am making good progress.

    MYTH: Child molesters are pedophiles. This is false. Although I molested a child, my sexual preference is with a consenting woman in a loving, monogamistic relationship. It has been deemed that I am not a pedophile.

    My horrible choice to molest a child was not due to a sexual preference but due to immature emotional coping mechanisms, among other contributing factors. (And in no way am I justifying my actions. There is never a good reason to ever sexually harm anyone.) Although I am over 18, I am still learning to be an adult. Just because you are over 18 doesn't mean you have reached emotional maturity. My therapist tells me that on average most people don't reach emotional maturity until age 25. My therapist says my actions were a symptom (coping mechanism) of dealing with life. I understand that everyone has to deal with life's problems and most people don't deal with life's problems by molesting a child. However, dealing with life's problems in an appropriate manner is where most sex offenders need a great deal of help. This is where therapy comes in. In short, therapy is where sex offenders learn to how to appropriately deal with life. I am very thankful to be in therapy.

    Because of my crime and the current laws, I am required to register with the local police department. I am on all the registries I know about. I don't believe the registries help make our community any safer. In fact, I believe they help contribute to an offender's risk to re-offend. When I was offending, I felt depressed, lonely, unloved, unaccepted, unwanted, etc. Because many sex offenders have trouble with coping with life's problems, do you think it wise to label, shun, or shame those who struggle in that area? No. It is not wise. What sex offenders need in order to be successful is love, acceptance, and support from their community. Society gives love and support to those with substance abuse problems, why not do the same to your other fellow human beings?

  • Registering harms innocent people

    The Sex Offender Registry allows the masses to keep tabs on mostly harmless people, making it almost impossible for them and their families to live decent, normal lives after they've served their time. This registry makes no distinction between these harmless people, who are indiscriminately labeled for all kinds of non-violent crimes, and the relatively few sick, truly dangerous individuals who intend to harm people. The police should have access to this list, not everyone, and it should only include individuals for life if they are violent or have been actually caught plotting to harm another person or discussing their desire to do so. Other people who are suspect should be treated differently, being required to undergo therapy to establish whether they are really a threat and being required to register with the police for a probationary period (certainly not on a list distributed to the public). In a way different from any other crime, people who fall into this category are treated as sub-human, whether they urinated in public, slept with their high school sweetheart, accidentally ended up with illegal downloads on their computer, or truly did something sexually deviant. The list hasn't lowered crime rates - it is useful only to politicians and government employees as a tool to make them look as though they are cracking down on crime. We need to protect people as much as we can, but we should do so using tools that work. The registry costs an enormous amount of money and manpower to keep up with and doesn't actually accomplish anything useful. The practice in years past was to base a person's danger level on the statistics of violent crime associated with the type of crime committed coupled with psychological evaluation. That makes sense. The registry may have been created with good intentions, but it has morphed and spiraled out of control over the years as an emotional reaction to isolated events. It isn't based on current studies and has no basis in logic. We need to get rid of this thing. Getting rid of the public registry will promote rehabilitation and let people who have committed minor, non-violent offenses lead normal lives. Their spouses, parents, and children - completely innocent people - are also deeply affected by this labeling, often having to choose whether to live in their homes or move so they can live in areas where their "sex offender" family member is allowed (areas which are becoming increasingly difficult to find). The whole family is tarnished by that horrific label. The police should continue to track dangerous individuals and not have their time wasted monitoring harmless people *for the rest of their lives*. The numbers are adding up as more and more people are labeled in this manner and required to register for life. The system needs a major overhaul, and a lot of people out there know it and have shown it consistently through research - now we just have to do something about it.

  • SECOND CHANCES ... Can prove to be valuable

    Many First Time Offenders (especially non-contact) of sex crimes deserve to have a chance to start over after they serve their time and are off probation...But with the registry -- they are NOT given this chance. Let's demand that this change and give those who made a mistake and have now paid for that mistake a second chance. The public registry does more damage than good in the opinion of many who have suffered the humiliations and discriminations and that includes the families and friends of the felons. Let us be open to the possibility that change can happen in people and in the system. PLEASE !!

  • No Public Safety

    Let the law enforcement have the information, but public registry, no. It's not making anyone more safe. Most new sex crimes, around 90%, are committed by those NOT on the registry. So why allow the public listing other than to provide a list for harassment, public shaming, vigilantism, and murder of both the registrant and their families. It's no good.

  • Come on, enough's enough!

    When did we become the Nazi's. I think all the laws should be changed and everyone deserves a second chance. We do this for murders, and other crimes. The only reasons these are laws is for Votes.

    If some one Shamed me, that would be the last thing they did on this earth... Enough said

  • Time to Change the laws

    My son was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor over 3 years ago. We fought for three long years. He is now serving one year county jail. The past few years has been an indication of what the future brings. Registering as a sex offender is going to be life altering. For the rest of my son's life he will be discriminated against.. And as a mom, I want to promise my son that when one door closes and another one opens. My optimism has faded and what hurts the most is that I believe there are doors that have been permanently closed.

  • People who look at dirty pictures in the privacy of their homes should not be on a sex registry. NO No NO to the registry.

    Even those who may have had sex with an underage person, have served their sentence . Is it constitutional to punish them for what they might do some day in the future.
    Each case is different.
    Violent predators, serial killers, those who make child pornographic images and abuse children need to be charged with felonies .
    Those vulnerable young men trapped in the snares of evil people who put this stuff on the internet are not criminals and should not be branded with felony convictions and long jail terms.

  • Homeland Security Submitting False Information to Foreign Governments

    Well, yesterday I was supposed to be on vacation in Playa del Carmen with my wife. Instead Cancun Airport immigration officials denied my entry and returned me to the U.S. In 2010, I flew into Cancun without incident. Why refuse my entry? Aaaah... I'm a 64-year-old threat to public safety in Mexico because I was convicted decades ago after divorce of an offense against one of my children. Yep, I did it. Nope, not guilty of being a threat to the public. I am, as most learned know, the typical offender - family, friend or acquaintance. And under current law, I'll be labeled for the rest of my life. The federal government's onerous No Fly list was found unconstitutional. I guess registrants won't have any recourse even after that decision. We can still fly. We just can't go anywhere...

  • False Sense of Security

    The registry is nothing more than a vindictive and retributionary approach to address a guised program. The claim is that it notifies the public of threats. The truth is it does nothing to deter offenses or prevent crime. It is a feel good approach based on hindsight by bereaved parents angered by the unfortunate incident that harmed their child. The feel guilty they were unable to protect their child and angry at those that have harmed children so they cling to the false hope that the registry will prevent future incidents. It hasn't yet nor will it. It has been a tool for vigilantes to harass and even graver MURDER registrants. The registrant is not the only one subject to the punitive impact. The family, friends, employers, and community as a whole is harmed as a result. The innocence of children is robbed and the paranoia of parents is fueled. Not to mention the negative impact it has on the real-estate.

  • Change the laws NOW!

    As a closed family member of an offender, I have been affected in many ways, my health is not good anymore, I have been sick for the past year. There are days that I can't cope with the pain and suffering for what is about to happen, my family member is facing the registration in a week. I know that not only his life will change for ever, my life will too. Let's join to fight this humiliating sentence and the current laws for sex offenders.

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