Should sex offenders be required to register their internet identifiers?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Keep People Safe

    In my opinion sex offenders have very few rights. They need to be watched and people should know who they are. It would be no different than living in a neighborhood and wanting to know who your neighbors are. Although policing the internet could be a slippery slope that would infringe upon all of us that who are not offenders. So it also needs to be weighed out in that perspective. Those who are easily manipulated should be on alert anyways. Children should not be aloud to wonder anywhere at anytime period. Yet the thought of people being abused in any circumstance makes me angry, especially children!

  • Ex post-facto PUNISHMENT!

    Why should they have to do this? Yet, just another "feel good", USELESS burden for them to bear with. Enough already! "Sex offender" laws never work.. And I mean never. Why are seemingly most "law enforcement" professionals, and lawmakers so freakin' clueless? Or is simpler than that? .. It's the MONEY (tax-payer funding) that motivates this never-ending succession of new laws, restrictions, and 'post-facto' PUNISHMENT on this segment of American society.

  • The sex offender registry needs to be clearly separated based on case.

    My apologies, but until some states fix the information within the registry I have to say no. I want to give an example here with the state of Utah, whom have lumped multiple things into the sex offender category. Utah used to have laws about lewdness, these have been removed and placed in the sex offender category. So.....Guy walking home from the bar, jumps down a small alleyway, angles himself between the garbage can and brick wall, relieves himself. He zips up and walks around the corner into a police car. Cops see the puddle, and boom...He is now a sex offender. No public urination, no lewdness, SEX OFFENDER. This guy did not flash children or rape babies, he took a leak down an alley in view of none other than himself. Sure....Not exactly what you want to know is going on, I don't want people pissing on my brick wall at 2 am, but sex offender? Really?

    There are also plenty of stories of 18 year olds and their 16 year old partners being caught in sexual activities that the parents didn't approve of....Are these sex offenders now? I think they changed the age of consent out there, but they did nothing to remove the claim against those 'kids' already affected.

    We understand there are different degrees to all of this, when I think sex offender I think Adult vs. Child....And yes they should be forced to register, right after they are sterilized, castrated, and hung....If they survive, they should be made to register.

    I'm not concerned with teen love or drunks pissing on bricks.

  • The internet predator threat is exaggerated by society.

    A study by the University of New Hampshire Crimes against Children Research Center found that

    "the stereotype about online predators preying on naïve children using deception and violence is inaccurate."

    Most online sex crimes against minors are statutory rape. Adults posed as children/teens in 5% of cases. Only 5% of cases involved violence and only 3% of cases involved abduction. While most online sex crimes against minors are statutory rape, 93% of statutory rape is initiated OFFline. Only 7% of statutory rape is initiated online. And in every case studied no victim was under 12. They also found giving out personal information itself does not pose a risk. Risk factors include online risk taking, (i.E. Talking to multiple people about sex and meeting them online), talking to unknown people about sex, sexual abuse, and questioning sexual orientation. Some gay/questioning boys might not want to talk about their sexuality to parents/don't want others to find out and look online for answers in gay oriented chat rooms.

  • Bank account as well

    They would have to give bank account Id number, Cell phone nub, and Do you know your cellphone number ip address? NO they would be arrested for not knowing how to get an cellphone ip address.
    Do you think RSO bank account would be safe with the police ? I don't htink so..

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