• There Should Be No Shame in Desiring Sexual Contact

    Sexuality and a desire for some level of intimate contact are practically ubiquitous to every man and woman on the planet. This desire does not fade just because a person is bedridden, for example, and this desire is a good and healthy thing to explore. It is an admirable profession to become a trained sex surrogate with a legitimate agency, and those who otherwise are incapable of pursuing the normal intimate contact that most of us can still have human wants.

  • Consenting individuals make it legal.

    If all individuals involved are consenting, then why should it be considered anything besides legal? If I was unable to have children and someone agreed to act as a surrogate mother for me, I would be upset if someone told me that I could not have a child because it is illegal. That is ridiculous as long as all parties involved are consenting.

  • Yes, if consenting

    Some women are physically incapable of having children. Others have very difficult pregnancies that could be dangerous to not only herself, but the unborn child. These are reasons I could see for having a surrogate. Sometimes adoption isn't an option or sometimes someone just wants to have a child of their own. If I was married and could not have any children, but my husband wanted one of his own, I would consider this. Lawyers would need to be involved and everything would have to be covered so that there are no problems along the way. This should never even be considered to be illegal if all parties are consenting.

  • What's wrong with that?

    I think there is nothing wrong with sex surrogacy! I think that if the surrogate is willing and the parents are willing to pay top dollar for health care of the surrogate, then why not? I think everyone should experience the joy of children if that is what they want.

  • Why shouldn't it be?

    There is no reason why consenting adults can't agree to this. Personally, I wouldn't want my husband fooling around with a sex therapist but that is just me. If someone else feels this service would be beneficial to them, why not? And what business is it of the government's how I choose to rectify sexual problems in my marriage?

  • Yes, So Long It Is Ethically Overseen

    Surrogacy is a complex issue, but it should never be outlawed. Some women are physically incapable of having children. Only, it should be regulated. A surrogate mother needs to be fully informed of her rates and should be made away of what she's getting into. Plus, a doctor needs to be involved, and I think a lawyer should be, too.

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