• I see no problem as long as the ladies are protected. Condoms and Shots beforehand

    Prostitution and sex for money should be legalized. It's basically just a normal job for these girls and a way to earn money. People too readily associate prostitution from watching movies about whores, and girls down on their luck. That is FAKE. These girls chose this type of job as their own, and who are we to judge? So yes, sex work should be legal

  • Profitable, and more importantly, safer!

    If sex work was to become legalized, it would give way for it to become an organized trade, which would diminish the need of violence, and could be regulated. People in the sex work could be required to test themselves in order to reduce the spread of disease. Last but not least, all of this could be taxed, making it profitable.

  • Yes, sex work should be legal.

    If it's two consenting adults, they should be able to do whatever they want. That's a matter of privacy that the government should have no right to interfere with (Griswold v. CT, Roe v. Wade). If both the woman and man decide that's what they want to do, why can't they? It's not like they're doing anything unnatural. They're having sex - it's a normal and legal experience.

  • People should have the freedom to make that choice.

    Prostitution has existed as long as humanity has, it is still practiced it always will because human being has natural needs. If a man has that need and wants to visit a prostitute; he is not harming anyone, he is an adult with personal responsibility that should not be denied to used his money as he wishes. As for prostitutes, its a job. Some use their natural skills to make a living, some use their intelectial and well some use their bodies. It's Capitalism, its harmless and it shouldnt be illegal. If you want sex, go to a prostitute and exchange money for a service which is the defition of market= what makes our economic system so great. When it becomes a legal job, prostitues get taxed and they can contribute to our country just like everyone else.

    Human trafficing and sex slaves is common in some places, but when its illgal everything is done through a black market..If its legalized and regualted the governemnt can have its regulations on business making it harder for this things to occur.

    And last, probably the only reason prostitution is illegal is "its inmoral" "I mean is this the world you want to raise your children in" Yes, the only way to keep our children from things we find inmoral is by illegalizing them for everyone and taking other people's rights away, is it? How about teaching our children what's goo and whats bad and what they should'nt do..What about doing a little bit of parenting instead of just wanting the govenement to ban things we dont think are appropriate although dont interfere with our liberties at all.

  • Fight the mob

    When alcohol was illegal, people still got it through the mob. When porn was illegal, people still got it through the mob. Since non- prescription drugs are illegal, people still get them through the mob. Since prostitution is illegal, people still get it through the mob. The moment we make prostitution and drugs legal is the moment that Mafias will no longer be able to collect profit off them. The world already has too many Loera's and Trevino's. In order to permanently get rid of bastards like these we're going to have get rid of their source of income by making illegal trafficking unprofitable.

  • To each his own.

    Prostitution (or sex work) is one of the oldest forms of work in history. I believe that if someone wishes to defile their own body, it is their choice. Just as women are allowed to have abortions and take the chances of ruining their body, people should be able to be able to choose whether or not they wish to be paid to have sexual relations with others and if they pick up an STI in the process, that would be their fault.

  • It needs ot be legal

    Not too long ago. A law was passed to make sex works website advertisement banned. It also unconstitutionally can ban casual sex site and a dating site, as the well as a porn site which. Prostitution is still illegal, making it legal to ban a sex workers site. The only cure for this is that all sex workers get together a make prostitution legal to get their site back. There is the sex workers rights activist, but it's still weak and small due to not enough female and male prostitute getting involved since too many get into it because of the black Market money, which is, unfortunately. This is what actually prevents it from being legal. The only part of u.s.a. that it's legal in Nevada, except for Las Vegas. It should have been nationally legal by now.

  • The safest and oldest Recreational Drug that Exist. Both sexes not just women sex workers.

    Recreational Sex Is legal. Why would Commercial Sex be illegal Because, You prevent a Person from Providing for their Children or making a living for themselves. Entertaining others with a service for a profit most enjoy Legally Should be Legal. Their is No Difference in Recreational Sex and Commercial Sex as regards to Health and for a Person the knows the Sex is for Profit and not Love their are NO Broken Hearts.

  • Sex work should be legalized and regulated

    Like many fringe activities in society, if you shun it and push it into dark underground places, people get hurt. Bringing it into the light, and regulating it gives sex workers real protections. A prostitute currently can't call the police if she is abused or stiffed, for fear of arrest. Decriminalization and regulation will lead to a better quality of life for all involved in sex work.

  • Its ones choice

    I support to ensure fair treatment before legal and cultural forces on a local and international level for all persons who are sexually marginalised. In my contry (Sri Lanka) its estimated that there sre 40000 street based sex workers. They face layered stigma due to their socio economic back statues. In a public health perspective, decriminalising sex work is the best way to protect sex workers and their clients from sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

    Posted by: paba
  • Many of these people are forced in the sex trade.

    The problem with prostitution is that many of these people are forced in the sex trade. Children from poor to middle class starting at age twelve are being sold and live in awful conditions. I am scared for the children and women who are forced to perform sexual acts on strangers and their pimp receives all the money.

  • No No No

    1. The plague of STD's. All these women having sex freely and then having more sex just catalyzes the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
    2. The big problem is the pimps. It is one thing if the hooker acts freely, it is another if they are forced to do it. Legalize it, more pimps, more women taken advantage of.

  • Sex work is linked to human trafficking

    They go hand in hand. Women are not being empowered by exploited, and the numerous reports of violence from pimps and/or clients only furthers the case against sex work as a legitimate and safe career. Just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean it should be done.

    Just my two cents.

  • Crime vs crime?

    Prostitution is illegal in order to protect women rights. That's why making it legal again because of women freedom of choice and to lower sex assault rates is wrong. It doesn't give women freedom of choice because women could be forced into sex labor just like poor African children and we should lower the rate of sex assaults with justice and law, not permitting crime.

  • What's illegal is illegal

    Prostitution is illegal in order to protect women rights. That's why making it legal again because of women freedom of choice and to lower sex assault rates is wrong. It doesn't give women freedom of choice because women could be forced into sex labor just like poor African children and we should lower the rate of sex assaults with justice and law, not permiting crime.

  • Sex for money creates gender inequality and vice-versa

    People are all members of a society and a country. What we do as individuals does affect the whole, even if on a small scale. By promoting sex work as a career we are saying it is okay for men to dangle money in front of women for sex instead of promoting equality for women to contribute to society with their minds as doctors, scientists, politicians etc.

    If a majority of women choose sex work the price will plummet causing sex work to be the same price as minimum wage, which will just create a class of sex slaves.

  • Make PIMPING ILLEGAL instead!

    Ever noticed how all inter-personal Human relations, inferring as such not just the mutual-cooperation, but also the mutual-benefit of the parties involved, ALWAYS GET MORPHED BY MEN into "Statute Law" WHEN IT COMES TO SEXUAL DEMANDS MADE OF WOMEN? From "Connubial Rights" in marriage, to "Conjugal Visit" in jail, to "Abortion Rights in-the-breach, to "Prostitution Rights" right here and now. Straaaaaange how ALL of these ostensibly "generous" allowances from Men, ALWAYS result in a status-quo whereby Women become "FREE TO SEXUALLY-SERVICE MEN!" ...Methinks something is fishy about this plethora of sperm-gummed "gifts."

  • God's Moral Law

    This is an abomination, God loves the sinner and hates the sin, This is not according to God's Word.
    The marriage is a sacred institution from God 2 people becoming 1 flesh, Now you have 100's of people sleeping with each other, and there spirit mixes with all the spirits of the people they sleep with, it is a recipe for disaster.

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