• Of course it should

    I am in eighth grade and I have been having sex for practically years. And if I hadn't been taught about sex I would've not had safe sex . I already have three kids and I dont need anymore so thanks to the school telling me about condoms I can have safe sex and avoid teen pregnancy.

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  • They say safety first

    Knowing how curious children can be they tend to experiment or try to copy what they see. Now if sexual education was NOT taught at schools then the halls would be full of babies and other small children. But because the students were taught to be safe and protective in the correct environment and situation then they will be aware on how to be safe.

  • Yes sex ed should be taught at school?

    If sex ed is not taught in schools then your kids are going to experiment and end up on 16 and pregnant. But if it is, it makes kids know how to protect themselves and not do anything too stupid too soon. You never know what's going to happen under the covers.

  • To learn how to do it the safe way.

    It cool because to do it the safe and not do it bad so you won't hurt the girl your sexing so you see all lot people do it so bad and they are hurtin g the girl so the girl won't say that she doesn't won't to have sex with you anymore because you are hurting her.So we need to learn to do it the safe way and not hurt the girl your sexing.

  • All for it

    Even though I think that it should be taught in school, I do not believe any child should have a sex class beneath 8th grade. Kids are kids and shall remain that way. I have heard of laws trying to pass for kindergartners getting the talk but I do believe that is too young. I believe that it would start a lot of curiosity and children should not be taught that early on. Children should be children. Around 8th grade would be a good time for sex ed, and 5th grade is a great time to teach about puberty. Also parents definitely need to step up and talk about sex because if you don't talk about it, their friends will and that's not how kids need to know..

  • Whit sexual education they know the bad or good impact from sex

    We know that sex give so many bad impact for us example HIV, herpes, etc. know, if our children didn't know that, they can suffer that, so, that's why sexual education is so needed, they know the bad impact from the sex. So i as student here, agree whit the topic.

  • Sex education impotent for the students

    Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy and Stds

    Showing kids the nuts and bolts of sexual movement can help avert unprotected sex, adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted maladies (Stds). A 2007 article in the "American Journal of Nursing" reported that extensive sex training made high schoolers 60 percent less inclined to get pregnant or impregnate an accomplice contrasted with adolescents who didn't get sex instructi

  • Teen pregnancy is down

    Recent studies have shown a steady decline in teen pregnancy rates and that data corresponds with the increase in sex ed in classrooms. The proof is in the pudding; teen pregnancy is down and safe sex is up. Sex Ed exposes students to the consequences of engaging in sexual activity so that they are aware of what can happen. It's a topic that isn't discussed enough in households, and should be.

  • Educate instead of censoring

    In a society where sex is considered taboo, when a sexual situation occurs and the people involved are educated about safety and consequences, it is better than having no education in the situation and doing something that could cause consequences that the young people involved might not even know about.

    In any situation like this, educating is always better than restricting or censoring. If you let children figure out this kind of thing on their own, they might not understand the safety and consequences and do something stupid. It is always better to educate them properly than let them find out themselves.

  • Early sexual activity

    Students could become overly interested in sex and have sex earlier then they should. During the teenage period of a children they often rebel, and telling them not to do sexual activity too early could make them rebel and have sex just to do what they are told not to, and that is usually the time when schools taught their students about sex education.

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